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Police Services

The OSU-Tulsa's Police Department's overall strength (authorized positions) has increased with the assistance of federal grants. OSU-Tulsa's four full-time sworn officers and ten part-time officers have enforcement and arrest authority on the OSU-Tulsa campus. The OSU-Tulsa Police have a mutual aid agreement with the Tulsa Police Department, allowing for cooperation in enforcement activities and the sharing of enforcement.

OSU-Tulsa's Police provide a positive image to visitors and members of the campus community, whether it is providing directions, parking information, or just a friendly welcome. Our officers represent this University as a group of caring and professional people, intent upon enhancing a friendly community atmosphere. Necessary enforcement includes using alternatives to arrest when reasonable. Our participation in special events ensures that all aspects of planning consider the safety and security of all participants. OSU-Tulsa's Police officers provide professional services before, during, and after the events.

Students and staff find our office willing to share statistics, insights, and experiences as a basis for class reports or vocational interests. The OSU-Tulsa Police seek proactive means to avoid problems and situations, whether it is suggesting added security measures, providing insight on planned activities, or using investigative analysis to assign a deterrent force.

For the OSU-Tulsa Police, "service" is not just a word or a part of a catchy slogan, but a way of life. Services such as motorist assists, money transports, and emergency notifications are handled routinely. We believe in providing proactive law enforcement and service to you, the University community.

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