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The following information is offered, as a guideline to aid you in determining what action you should take in the event of severe weather.

Tornado WATCH: This means conditions are such that storms capable of producing a tornado may develop.

Tornado WARNING: This means that either a tornado has been sighted or it is highly probable that one will develop. A warning will be signaled by the storm warning sirens.

The TORNADO TAKE COVER SIGNAL is a three to five minute steady blast on the storm sirens. This signal will be sounded on the large sirens located near the campus. If the sirens sound again, it is further warning - NOT an all clear signal. The OSU-Tulsa Campus Police will use the intercom system to relay information or give directions.

Persons should seek IMMEDIATE shelter in a basement or lower floor, interior corridors, or interior rooms. If you are in an open-span area such as a gymnasium, auditorium, or warehouse, go to the wall farthest from windows or glass, crouch down against the wall, and protect your head with your arms. STAY AWAY from windows and exterior doors. If caught outside a building, lie flat on the ground, face down, preferably in a ditch or depression, but be alert for flash floods.

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