Rounded Box Graphics Feature
Rounded Box Graphics Feature

OSU-Tulsa requires all users of campus Internet services to comply with all state and federal laws including copyright laws. The students, faculty and staff at OSU-Tulsa have access to the fundamentals of copyright law and OSU's guidelines for educational use of copyright materials at OSU's Licensing Web Page and the U.S. Copyright Office's Home Page.

Allegations of copyright infringement by OSU-Tulsa users that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Title II, Section 512(c)(3) will be investigated. The Communications Specialist will notify the communications services department of all valid notifications of claimed infringement received by OSU-Tulsa for appropriate action. If OSU-Tulsa determines that any users have infringed copyrights of others on a repeat basis, the offending user's access to online services may be terminated. OSU-Tulsa reserves the right to choose how to address or respond to any allegation of copyright infringement received including, without limitation, the choice of any defense under applicable law.

Notification of Claimed Infringement Under The Digital Millennium Copyright Act:
If any owners of copyrights believe OSU-Tulsa's users are infringing copyright protected work, they may send a notice to OSU-Tulsa's designated contact at:

Sean Kennedy, Communications Manager
Marketing and Communications Services
Oklahoma State University in Tulsa
700 N. Greenwood
Tulsa, OK 74106-0700
Telephone: (918) 594-8360
Fax: (918) 594-8007
E-mail: sean.michael.kennedy@okstate.edu

Notification of claimed infringement must contain the information required by and otherwise comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Title II, Section 512(c)

Policy on Using OSU-Tulsa's Copyright Protected Materials:
As a general rule, you may print, reproduce and use the information in, and retrieve files containing publications or images from only those WWW documents which OSU-Tulsa expressly grants permission or license to use provided: (1) the use is for non-commercial, personal or educational purposes only, (2) you do not modify any information or image, and (3) you include any copyright notice originally provided in the materials. If a particular author places further restrictions on the material, you must honor those restrictions. In some instances, specific information contents may be copyrighted by others. By using any of this material, you assume all risks of copyright infringement and related liability.

Policy on Using OSU-Tulsa Logos, Trademarks and Licensed Graphics, and Web Templates
All standard graphics, photographs and text of the OSU-Tulsa Home Page and connected pages displaying the OSU-Tulsa logos and logotype are copyrighted and trademarked by Oklahoma State University. Redistribution or commercial use are prohibited without express written permission.

Web page guidelines and copyrighted templates containing standard graphic elements and formats have been developed to present the University's identity clearly, consistently, and with distinction. The templates also provide for a consistent user interface to improve visitors' navigation across all University Web sites. All external and internal Web pages with communications from colleges, departments, libraries, administrative and service divisions, research facilities, Extension and extended education units, primary constituent organizations, and other official units and programs of the University are required to use the Web templates.

Proper use of the OSU-Tulsa logo and logotype for all media is set forth on the Oklahoma State Univesity Graphics and Logos Website.

Rounded Box Graphics Feature

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