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Oklahoma State University - Tulsa

Computer Science, M.S.

A student well-prepared for master’s study in computer science should have a good background in mainstream computer science. This includes experience with procedural programming languages (e.g., Ada, C, C++, Java, Pascal, or Smalltalk), and non-procedural languages (e.g., Lisp, Prolog, or ML); background in computer architecture or assembly language, data structures, operating systems, software engineering, and related mathematics (e.g., mathematical logic, discrete mathematics, and calculus). A student who lacks experience in some of these areas may be admitted with deficiencies listed.

Note: Program admission is currently suspended in Tulsa. Please contact the Graduate Student Services Center at 918-594-8445 for more information.

More information on this field of study is available on the OSU computer science department Web site.

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