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Student Disability Services (SDS) at OSU-Tulsa provides support services to students with disabilities. SDS is committed to providing equal access to programs, services and activities for all students.

Support Services
Assistance is tailored to the needs of the individual student. Reasonable accommodation may include, but is not limited to, the following services:

 Instructor Notification
To aid students in securing the appropriate services, SDS provides instructors with written verification of a student's disability and recommendations for academic accommodations.

 Specialized Testing
Extended testing time, testing in a distraction-free environment, alternative testing formats as well as auxiliary aids such as readers, scribes or special technology are available. Tests are to be scheduled, preferably, 24 hours in advance with the SDS office. The student should ask the instructor to provide the test to the SDS Office.

 Classroom Accommodations
Special seating arrangements are provided. Mobility training is available to familiarize students with the OSU-Tulsa campus.

 Interpreter Services
SDS coordinates interpreter services at OSU-Tulsa. Students are strongly urged to enroll early to ensure availability of interpreters.

 Assistance Technology
Available compensatory technology includes tape recorders, assistive listening devices, a Flexcam video camera, a computer software package for the blind that includes Jaws and Open Book, plus VisuTech and Zoomtext for the visually impaired. Microcassette tape recorders are available for checkout. A TDD is available for student use in the SDS office.

 Volunteer Notetakers
A student may request a volunteer notetaker. With the student's permission, the faculty member may assist in identifying a volunteer notetaker in class. SDS will provide two-part carbonless paper for the notetaker to use.

 Reader Service
Students are encouraged to obtain tape-recorded textbooks from sources such as the Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped or Recording for the Blind. Applications for these programs are available in the SDS office. Limited in-house recording is provided for students if these traditional resources cannot meet their needs. Reader services are provided as required for exams.

 Library Assistance
Students needing support in the OSU-Tulsa Library may schedule assistance with the SDS office or the library staff.

For more information, contact SDS at 1-918-594-8354.

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