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Consortium Agreements

TCC Consortium Agreement

The TCC Consortium Agreement is for OSU-Tulsa students taking courses through TCC.


  • Can I receive financial aid for course(s) I take at Tulsa Community College (TCC)?
    • Yes, if the TCC courses are required for your OSU degree program and your OSU academic advisor approves the course(s). 
  • If I'm taking all my courses at TCC can I still receive financial aid from OSU?
    • A consortium agreement is only permitted if you are NOT eligible to receive financial aid through TCC. A consortium agreement is only permissible for an eligible OSU degree-seeking student with a declared major.
  • How do I start the process to receive financial aid for the course(s) I take through TCC?
    • You must first complete the FAFSA and include the OSU school code (003170). Then, contact your OSU academic advisor and your OSU financial aid advisor to complete the appropriate paperwork.
  • Is there a deadline to complete the consortium agreement?
    • YES! To ensure maximum financial aid eligibility, you must complete your consortium agreement prior to the end of the OSU Drop/Add period for each semester that you will be enrolled in TCC courses. A new consortium agreement is required every semester as long as you are enrolled at TCC.
  • Will my financial aid be paid directly to TCC?
    • No, it is your responsibility to pay TCC directly. Your financial aid will be disbursed to your OSU bursar account and any excess monies will be refunded back to you.
  • How does my bill at TCC get paid? When is it due?
    • You are responsible for making direct payment to TCC. You are fully responsible for all expenses incurred at TCC and you must follow TCC’s payment policies and deadlines. For questions regarding payment to TCC, contact TCC’s Bursar Office at 918-595-7136.
  • What happens if I drop or withdraw from one or all of my TCC courses?
    • Your eligibility for financial aid is based, in part, on the total number of hours in which you enroll. Any changes to your enrollment at either school may change your financial aid eligibility. Please contact the OSU Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid before dropping or withdrawing from any course. Repayment of funds received may be required.
  • Can I ever be required to pay back financial aid I've already received?
    • YES! If you drop a TCC class, you could be required to pay back financial aid you already received during the same semester. You should contact the OSU Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid before dropping or withdrawing from any course because each student's situation is unique. For example, students who drop a TCC short course before it begins (even though it may not start until the middle of the semester) may have to pay back some or all of their financial aid that has already been paid to them.

Questions? Please call the OSU-Tulsa Financial Aid Office at 918-594-8273.

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