Hanan Research Group

Directions to Research Lab in Stillwater
Research areas:

  • Advanced Structural Materials
    • Alloys (Aluminum, Amorphous, Steels, Titanium)
    • Composites (layered, Polymer Nano-, Metal Matrix)
    • Impact absorbing materials (cellular solids, honeycombs)
  • Automation and data processing
    • New lab methods (MCT, XRD)
    • Defense applicaitons
    • Rover*
    • Manufacturing
      • Injection and blow molding.
  • Material processing and service life
    • Fatigue
    • Injection/Stretch Blow Molding
    • Residual Stress
    • Microstructure design
    • Modeling
  • Non-destructive analysis
    • Nano-tomography
    • Optical techinques
    • Other advanced methods
Amor prototype discussion.
Balaji Jayakumar (left), Advait Bhat and Prof. Jay Hanan display a test pannel for body armor Wednesday at the Technology Ventures Summit downtown. Conference officials invited 12 companies to make presentations to potential investors. STEPHEN PINGRY / Tulsa World
Graduate Courses:
Microstructural Mechanics

Diffraction in Materials

Undergrad courses:
  • MAE 4313 Advanced Processing of Engineered Materials, a new course.
  • ENSC 3313, Materials Science* at Tulsa in Fall
  • MAE 4333, Mechanical Metallurgy* at Tulsa in Spring
  • Sponsor senior Design Projects (MAE4344)

*includes a laboratory.

Jay Hanan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Oklahoma State University

Helmerich-Advanced Technology Research Center
Oklahoma State University-Tulsa
700 N. Greenwood Ave.
Tulsa, OK  74106

(918)594-8238 Tulsa
(405)744-5900 Stillwater

e-mail:  e-mail address

BMG Foam Surfaces
                from MicroCT
Example of 3-D data reduction from Computed micro-Tomography of amorphous metal foam.

*Link from [2007 Vanguard]