Graduate Position (MS or PhD)

Materials Science and Engineering in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

The Hanan Research Group of Oklahoma State University (OSU), Oklahoma is opening a graduate level position.
New positions may open up in June 2014.   This will be updated.

High quality applicants are sought for TA and RA positions in a growing, active research group.  Well rounded individuals comfortable with laboratory equipment, yet also able to perform or learn computer modeling (such as FEM) preferred.  Applicants are generally interested in Materials Science and Engineering projects.  Successful applicants should be able to publish and present their work.

For further information please contact Dr. J. Hanan, Tel. 918-594-8238, e-mail: 

Please send your application by e-mail
or optionally by mail to:

Dr. J. Hanan
State University

700 N. Greenwood Ave.

Tulsa, OK  74106-0700.