Apple OSX wireless printer installation:



You must be on campus and connected to the OSUSECURE wireless network to successfully complete this process.  Please ensure you are connected to the OSUSECURE wireless network before beginning the installation.  Even after installation, you must be connected to the OSUSECURE wireless network in order to print.


Setup of the PaperCut interface.

In order to print the PaperCut interface must be running on your computer.  If PaperCut is not running, your print jobs will be automatically deleted.


You can either install PaperCut on your machine, or run PaperCut from the network.  If you choose to run PaperCut from the network, you must ensure that PaperCut is running prior to printing. 


If you decide not to install Papercut, load the PCClient program in order to print: (you will need to do this every time you login)

Run Papercut Click on PCclient



If you decide to install Papercut, Install the Papercut program.

Install Papercut


After running this, the credentials screen will come up:


Enter your OSU username and password.

NOTE: When you print something, you may be asked to enter a username and password.

For the printer, you can just enter guest. Do NOT add this to the keychain as this information will be out of date at your next password change.

NOTE: When you print something, it may come up with another login screen via PaperCut:

User your OSU username and password and change the Remember to “Until I logout”.


When you print something in color, you will be presented with the following screen:

Click YES to print in grayscale (no charge)

Click No to print in Color (.15 per page charge)



Set up the printers:


First, install the drivers.

For the Dell 5130cdn,

Install the Dell5130cdn driver

If the above link fails, try this link.

Install the Dell5130cdn driver


The Dell5130dn_Installer_dmg file should show. Click on it. This should bring up the Dell 5130cdn Installer icon. Click on it


When asked to login, guest should be displayed. Just click Connect.


To setup the Printers on the MAC :

1)     Open the Printer Setup Utility from Applications -> Utilities.


Depending on your Mac OS version, the Printer Setup Utility may have been moved, and can now be accessed in System Preferences -> Print and Scan or System Preferences -> Print and Fax


2)      Click the Add or + button to add a new printer.


3)     10.5 and later: Hold down the [Control]+[Command] buttons, click on the Toolbar and select Customize Toolbar.... Drag the Advanced icon onto the bar. Click the newly added Advanced button.


10.4: Option-Click More Printers... (Important: Hold the Option key down) and

select Advanced from the top drop-down list.

NOTE: On some version of MAC, this can take a while before the options show up.


4)     Select the type, Windows Printer via spoolss or Windows Printing via Samba or Windows (this depends on the MAC version)

5)     In the Name field, enter the name of the Printer

6)     Enter the Device URL in the form:




7)     Select the Print Model

Select Printer Software and search for the correct driver.

8)     Click the Add button.


The printers should now be ready for use.


Students that still have issues after following these instructions should try the following;


Mac Cannot print wirelessly


1.       Open your keychain.

a.       Click [Go] at the top menu.

b.      Click [Utilities]

c.       Scroll down to Keychain access

2.       On the left had side Click [Login]

In the center, look for this keychain associated with one of these wireless printers, it will have the same name you named it.

It’s the printer you checked the check box saving “[] Remember this password in your Key Chain”

I named mine D007_Hallway, you may have named your differently.

3.       Click on the printer keychain to select it.

4.       Click [Edit]

5.       Click [Delete]


7.       Click [Delete]

I found that I also needed delete that printer from my Macbook, and then re-add it fresh.

1.       to go to System Preferences

2.       Goto [Print & Scan]

3.       Click on the printer that the KeyChain was made for, to select it.

4.       Click the – key to delete it.

After complete, re-added the printer.

Experiencing installation issues or do you have questions?

Contact one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives at the Information Technology Help Desk at 594‐8200 or by email at You may also visit www.osu‐

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