Microsoft Windows wireless printer installation:



You must be on campus and connected to the OSUSECURE wireless network to successfully complete this process.  Please ensure you are connected to the OSUSECURE wireless network before beginning the installation.  Even after installation, you must be connected to the OSUSECURE wireless network in order to print.

Connect to the Server

Issue the following command whenever you need to print:

Download and run this file


Setup of the PaperCut interface.

In order to print the PaperCut interface must be running on your computer.  If PaperCut is not running, your print jobs will be automatically deleted.


You can either install PaperCut on your machine, or run PaperCut from the network.  If you choose to run PaperCut from the network, you must ensure that PaperCut is running prior to printing. 


If you decide not to install PaperCut, it will need to be rerun every time you restart your PC, and every time you return to campus.

Run Papercut


If you decide to install Papercut, you may run the installer from this link:

Install Papercut


Setup the Printers.

Click on the “Start button. For Windows XP this button will be labelled Start.


Click <Computer> to open the “Computer” window.

Type \\\print\ into the address bar and press Enter (or just click on this link)


For XP, you do not need to choose “Run as Administrator”, just click on AddAllPrinters-XP.vbs

For all others, Right‐Click on the appropriate bat file and choose “Run as Administrator”:

Vista 32 bit: AddAllPrinters-Vista.bat

Vista 64 bit: AddAllPrinters-Vista-64bit.bat

Windows 7 32 bit: AddAllPrinters-Windows7-32bit.bat

Windows 7 64 bit: AddAllPrinters-Windows7-64bit.bat


Example for Vista 32 bit:


If you see the following Security Warning Click <Run>.



If User Account Control is on, you will need to click Continue at this screen.


A command line interface will open:


You will be prompted with a Security Warning. Click Open.


When the “Add Printer” dialog box opens, click OK.


It will appear as if nothing is happening for several minutes.

When the installation has completed, you will see a dialog box indicating the printers that have been installed. Click OK.


The command line window will prompt you to press any key. Press any key and the command line interface will close.

The printers should now be ready for use.


Experiencing installation issues or do you have questions?

Contact one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives at the Information Technology Help Desk at 594‐8200 or by email at You may also visit www.osu‐

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