Photocopying and Reproducing Archival Materials


Policies and Procedures

Many items including books and dvds/videos in the Archival Collection are also available in the Circulating Collection. Check the online catalog to determine these titles and their location. Circulating copies of these books may be copied by the Library patron at $.10/page. Archival copies of these books MUST be photocopied by Library Staff at $.20/page or scanned at $1.00/page.

The Reader will fill out the Request for Materials section of the form on the reverse for Archival material.

Consult the following guidelines concerning copyright below.

Materials Under Copyright Protection

  • Up to 20% of an entire book may be photocopied, not to exceed 200 pages.
  • Up to 2 articles from any one journal issue may be photocopied, not to exceed more than 20% of a single issue.
  • Up to 20% of a musical score may be photocopied so long as that portion copied does not comprise a performable unit of work.

Materials in the Public Domain

No laws restrict copying of public domain materials. However, the OSU-Tulsa Library reserves the right to limit or deny copying in order to protect materials which might be physically damaged by the result of such copying.

Materials that are represented only in the Archives:

  • CYRUS STEVENS AVERY Collection – papers of the “father” of Route 66 which include maps, photographs, letters, and telegrams. The library owns copyright and grants permission for photocopying.
  • RUTH SIGLER AVERY Collection - daughter-in-law of Cyrus Stevens Avery. This collection includes an unpublished anthology pertaining to the Tulsa Race Riot, manuscripts, interviews, source materials, photographs, correspondence, press cuttings, family history, and writings. The library owns copyright and grants permission for photocopying.
  • MICHAEL WALLIS Route 66 Collection and Manuscript Collection – The Route 66 Collection consists of primary, secondary, and tertiary research materials. The Manuscript Collection consists of biographies of several important figures in Oklahoma history. Permission for photocopying must be given by Michael Wallis.
  • Oklahoma Center for Poets and Writers – literary manuscripts of several recognized Oklahoma writers including William Bernhardt, Genell Dellin, Carolyn Hart, Daniel Marder, Teresa Miller, Culver Fry, and Regan/Sanders. Permission for photocopying must be given by the author.

Photocopying or reproduction of manuscripts or non-book items from the Avery Collections, Wallis Collections, or the Oklahoma Center for Poets and Writers Collections MUST be approved by the Library Director.

Any photocopying of published and unpublished materials in the Archives is for research, scholarship, and study purposes only.

All copying of Archival material will be done by OSU-Tulsa Library personnel ($.10 per page). The time necessary for copying materials varies and is dependent upon workload.

If reproduction of written or pictorial material is needed for book publishing, a written request should be sent to the Library Director.

Photographs and maps will not be photocopied. Sound recordings, dvds, videos will not be copied. They can be used within the Library only.

Personal cameras, smart phones, scanning equipment, and tape recorders cannot be used on Archival materials.

The OSU-Tulsa Library reserves the right to refuse or limit photocopying or reproduction if the material would be damaged by the photocopying or reproduction process.

If you have questions regarding the Policies and Procedures for Photocopying and Reproducing Archival Materials please contact Beth Freeman, Library Director, at (918) 594-8132 or Dona Davidson, Public Services Librarian, at (918) 594-8139.

Request for Photocopying, Scanning, or Reproduction

Date ________________


Requestor ________________________________________________________


Phone Number ________________________________________________________


Address ________________________________________________________


Request Taken by ________________________________________________________


The material requested will be used for what purpose:










I wish for the following materials to be

___ Photocopied

___ Scanned ($1.00 per page)

___ Reproduced (Quote Provided)


Please note title and page numbers.



1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________


2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________


3. ______________________________________________________________________________________________



4. ______________________________________________________________________________________________



5. ______________________________________________________________________________________________




Date Completed _____________________________________________


Date Patron Notified __________________________________________


Cost ______________________________________________________


The Form should be returned to the Library Director for approval if applicable.

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