Use of Collection and Archives

Reader's Archive Application Form

Policies and Procedures Governing the Use of Manuscript and Archival Materials

___ The Reader must present either a valid OSU Identification Card, or a valid Driver's License, or the keys to their automobile, if an acceptable form of ID cannot be produced.

___ The Reader must read and sign this form below consenting to abide by the rules and regulations established for using archival materials before any material can be retrieved from the Archives Room.

___ The Reader will fill out the Request for Materials section of the form on the reverse.

___ Only a Reference Librarian will be allowed to retrieve archival materials. A placeholder will be placed in the location on the shelf where the box is removed. The collection and number of the box will be noted on the placeholder. The Reference Librarian will fill out the Materials Used section of the Form on the reverse. The Reference Librarian on duty will be responsible for reshelving archival materials.

___ All book bags, brief cases, purses, and other personal belongings will be locked away in a secure room (Test Closet) while the reader is using archival materials.

___ The Reader is required to sit in full view of a library staff member at all times while using archival materials. The reader will be seated at an available table behind the Reference Desk.

___ The Reader must surrender all archival materials to the Reference Librarian on duty at the Reference Desk if they need to leave the table for any reason.

___ Only one document box can be used at a time.

___ Only a pencil and paper or a laptop computer can be used for taking notes. Personal cameras, smart phones, scanning equipment, and tape recorders cannot be used on Archival materials.

___ White gloves provided must be used when handling archival materials.

___ See the document “Policies and Procedures for Photocopying and Reproducing Archival Material” for information concerning requests for this service.

___ No food or drink is allowed.

___ The Reader's personal belongings are only returned when all documents have been returned to the Reference Librarian.

___ The Reference Librarian will review the archival material returned. He/she will complete and sign the Materials Used section of the form on the reverse. The Reference Librarian will reshelve the material or place the materials on a cart in Archives for later reshelving. The Form should be returned to the Library Director or the Administrative Assistant to the Library Director.


Please direct any questions you have about archival policies and procedures to Beth Freeman, Library Director, at (918) 594-8132 or Dona Davidson, Public Services Librarian, at (918) 594-8139.

Name of Reader ________________________________________________________________________

I agree to abide by the Policies and Regulations governing the use of manuscript and archival materials stated above.

I agree to publish no portion of this material without the written permission of the writer, heirs or assignees, and Oklahoma State University. I also assume sole responsibility for any infringement of the literary rights, copyrights, or other rights pertaining to this material.

Signature (Please Print)___________________________________________

Date ______________________________


Record of Use

Date of Use _____________________________

Some, but not all of the materials housed in the Archives Room are cataloged and listed in the online catalog. Materials which are not listed in the online catalog include the Manuscript Collections of Genell Dellin, Carolyn Hart, Daniel Marder, and the research and Manuscript collection of Michael Wallis.

All Finding Aids for the Manuscript Collections are available in print in Archives and electronically on the Library webpage under Special Collections and Archives.

Request for Materials


1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________


2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________


3. ______________________________________________________________________________________________



4. ______________________________________________________________________________________________



5. ______________________________________________________________________________________________



Materials Used

(Internal Use Only)


Box Number

Number of Folders

Other Identification

Retrieved By

Returned By








































The Form should be returned to the Library Director or the Administrative Assistant to the Library Director.

See Reverse for Policies and Procedures

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