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Library Instruction Lab (LIL) Policy

Library Instruction Lab (LIL) Policy

OSU-Tulsa and OSU-Stillwater students pay tuition and a Library fee that helps support their access to computers, information databases, and other electronic resources. Policies for the Library Instruction Lab (LIL) follow. Consult Library Policies for other information.

The following policies apply:

Library Instruction Lab Use: Priorities

1. Library Instruction for OSU student classes by faculty request;

2. Staff / faculty / peer training; this includes library groups such as OLA, ACRL, COIL, Amigos, etc. Consult with Library Director and Instruction Librarian.

3. Groups using the public 20 PCs and in need of group space (if group study rooms are booked, and LIL is vacant).

4. Overflow from Public 20 workstations including alumni and guests.

The Library Instruction Lab is NOT an additional lab for faculty and classes. Faculty must schedule other computer labs on campus for regular class use.

Hours of operation:

Same as library. Library staff will announce closing within 10 minutes of closing.

Posting schedule:

Reservations will be printed daily and posted in the display by the LIL door and as Calendar entry in the Tulsa Library calendar along with group study room reservations. The Library Instruction Lab does not have handicapped accessible workstations. Those are available in row D of the public 20 workstations to all student users unless there is a request for special needs considerations. Allow a few minutes to the general users to save their work.


Scanners are located at workstation D1 in the Library Computer Lab and in the Computer lab in 2302 in Main Hall. The new Dell photocopiers in Main Hall and the library also allow for scanning and emailing scanned images.

Last Revision 8/17 (Prior Revisions 11/07, 8/14)

Last updated: 8/11/17. Email the Library Webmaster
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