Meadow Gold Sign
Round Barn
Old Warehouse Market
Pop's Gas Station and Restaurant Route 66 Museum Indian Trading Post
Flower BoxRound Barn Detail
Blue Whale
Pop's Window DetailFrankoma Pottery

Route 66 Oklahoma Links


                                                         Oklahoma's Route 66 Repositories

                                                         Oklahoma Route 66 Roadbed Documentation Project (1926-1970)

                                                         Road Segments - Oklahoma

                                                         Route 66 in Oklahoma: An Historic Context Review

                                                         Route 66 and Historic Resources in Oklahoma 1926-1970
        (National Register of Historic Places)

                                                         Legends of America
                                                              Legendary Route 66
                                                              Oklahoma Mother Road
                                                              Oklahoma Ribbon of the Mother Road

                                                         Route 66 - Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary

Oklahoma Roadside Attractions

                                                        Catoosa and the Blue Whale

                                                        Meadow Gold Sign Plaza


                                                        Totem Pole Park


                                                       National Historic Route 66 Federation

                                                       National Route 66 Transportation Museum

                                                       Oklahoma Route 66 Association
                                                            Town-by-Town Tour

                                                       Route 66 Archives and Research (ARC)

                                                       Route 66 Museum - Clinton, Oklahoma

                                                       Will Rogers Memorial Museum

Photos by Jen Lillie

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