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Cell Phone Policy - Library

Cell Phone Policy

To provide an environment conducive to study and research, we ask that you observe the following courtesies inside the OSU-Tulsa Library:

  • Turn cell phone ringers to silent mode when entering the Library.
  • Please do not take or receive calls on your cell phone in open study areas, in the book stacks, at computer workstations, in group study rooms, in the instruction room, in the photocopy room, in restrooms or in hallways. We ask that you take your call to the Commons area outside the library.
  • If you receive a call, take your call to the Commons area outside the Library.
  • The Library staff has authority to require you to take your phone call to the Commons.

Last Revision 8/13 (Prior Revision 11/07)

Last updated: 8/5/13. Email the Library Webmaster
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