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Electronic Reserves Guidelines

Electronic Reserves allows faculty to place course related material on the Web making reserves accessible to students anywhere they have Internet access.

General Guidelines:

  • An item may either be placed on reserve electronically and/or in print.
  • Requests will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis and are usually processed within 48 hours.
  • All photocopies must be clear and complete for scanning.
  • Each faculty member should complete an electronic reserves request form which includes: Course prefix and number, Course name, number of students enrolled, complete bibliographic citations, ISSN/ISBN, semester, today's date, and professor contact information.
  • Forms not completely filled out may result in a delay in processing.
  • Electronic Reserves will be removed at the end of each semester due to copyright restrictions.

Copyright Procedures:

OSU-Tulsa library complies with copyright law of the United States (17, U.S.C.) and the Limitation on Exclusive Right: Fair Use (17, U.S.C. 107). "Fair use" means that in some circumstances where the use is reasonable and not harmful to the copyright owner's rights, copyrighted materials may be used to a limited extent, without obtaining the owner's permission.

  • Materials that the OSU library or the professor owns in print or electronically will be considered "fair use." All other materials will be subject to copyright clearance.
  • All photocopies on reserve, whether provided by the instructor or produced by the library, must include a notice of copyright.
  • All photocopies on reserve, may be used for only one semester without written permission.
  • Due to copyright restrictions, each electronic reserves will be password protected. For passwords please contact a librarian (918) 594-8137 or tulsa.libraryreference@okstate.edu.
  • It is the professors responsibility to give students passwords to their electronic reserves.

Formats for Submission:

  • Original Copy or photocopy of one journal article, one book chapter, or the journal or book for scanning the chapter directly.
  • E-mail attachment (preferably PDF documents).
  • Rewritable Compact Disc or Flash Drive.
  • WORD documents that can be converted to PDF (Any Excel, Access or Word documents not convertible will be printed and then scanned.)

Items acceptable for Electronic Reserves:

  • 10%, one chapter from a book, one article from a single journal issue, or no more than 50 pages (whichever comes first).
  • Clear and complete photocopies.
  • Instructor produced materials such as course syllabus, lecture notes, problem sets, sample tests, or solutions.
  • Material in the public domain, such as government publications, or works published before 1923.
  • Charts, graphs, or illustrations, a complete poem less than 250 words or short story less than 2,500 words from a collected work.

Items not acceptable for Electronic Reserves:

  • Unidentified copyrighted works.
  • Complete books or complete journal issues.
  • Materials extracted from consumable workbooks, such as solution manuals or entire teaching handouts provided by a publisher including entire course powerpoint slides from the publisher.
  • Entire course packs, textbooks or journal articles or other copyrighted material that students are expected to purchase.
  • Student papers are treated as academic records and not accepted for electronic reserves without written permission from the author waiving their privacy rights unless anonymity is possible.
  • Publications deemed restricted by publisher. (Harvard Business Review). This could change at anytime and without notice.


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