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Spring 2017

Dr. Denni Blum

Dr. Denni Blum, associate professor of social foundations and qualitative inquiry, shared her experience creating and facilitating a child sex trafficking awareness course.

"Child Sex Trafficking and Schools: A University Course Response to a Community Need"

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Spring 2014

Dr. Laura Barnes

Dr. Laura Barnes Ph.D., Associate Professor in Research and Evaluation, moderated a discussion with researchers from the OSU Center for Educational Research and Evaluation and the OU Center for Education Policy on the accuracy and effectiveness of the school report cards.

"Grading Our Schools: Analyzing the Oklahoma School A-F Grading System"

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Spring 2013

Dr. Michael Merten

Dr. Merten was joined by Steve Hahn, Community Education Services Program Manager at the Parent-Child Center of Tulsa.

"Youth, Families and Social Media"

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Spring 2012

Dr. Tami Moore

Local to Global: Higher Education's Role in the Information Age

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Spring 2011

Dr. Dursun Delen

Real-World Knowledge Discovery with Data and Text Mining

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Spring 2010

Dr. Amanda Morris

Raising an Emotionally Resilient Child: What Science Can Tell Us and Some Practical Tips

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Spring 2009

Dr. Laura Belmonte

Selling the American Way: U.S. Propaganda from the Cold War to Post-9/11

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Fall 2008

Dr. Bin Liang

A Look at Tulsa County's Drug and DUI Courts

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Fall 2008

Dr. Najwa Raouda

The Feminine Voice of Islam

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Spring 2008

Dr. Raman P. Singh

The Power Struggle: Is Nuclear Energy a Savior or a Threat?

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Fall 2007

Dr. Craig Wallace

Motivation to Lead: Motivation to Follow

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Spring 2007

Dr. Nicholas Romano

Web Accessibility Research: Disabled Users Still Locked Out

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Spring 2007

Dr. Jinkyu Lee

Implications of the Internet for Anti-Terrorism and Individuals' Privacy

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Fall 2006

Dr. Andrew Rosa

In the Service of God, Race and Man

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Fall 2006

Dr. Jami Fullerton

Brand America: New Approaches to U.S. Public Diplomacy

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