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Group Study Room Guidelines - Library

Study Room Policies

  • Group Study Rooms are limited to OSU and LU-Nursing affiliated faculty, staff and students only. Reservations can be made inside the Library at the Checkout desk or call 918-594-8130 or on this page.
  • Maximum time a time a room can be reserved is 4 hours per group or 12 slots per day.
  • Only 3 active study room reservations can be made at one time booked up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • At least 2 members of a group must be present in order for the reservation to be valid. Reservations are held for up to 20 minutes after scheduled time. If the group does not show, the room is forfeited for entire time scheduled.
  • Personal effects from any room that has vacated for more than 20 minutes or during a reserved time will be taken to Campus Police.
  • If a single person or group is occupying a room when a reservation times starts, the person/group will need to vacate the room.
  • Contact the Library‚Äôs Check-Out Desk to check-out whiteboard supplies or keyboards/mice. These items will need to be returned to the desk after you are done.
  • Since the study rooms are not soundproof, please keep the noise level low as a courtesy to others. Please leave the room clean and erase the marker board before leaving.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email within 30 minutes of making your reservation, please call the Circulation Desk at 918-594-8130 during regular open library hours.

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