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Library Displays

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National Puzzle Day

Puzzles are "miniature blueprints" of how pattern is wired into the human brain and of how we search for answers to existential questions.

A search for the meaning of puzzles in human life is tantamount to a seach for a meaning to life itself. As the great writer T.S. Eliot argued, true knowledge starts with comprehending the forces that have made us what we are. The puzzle instinct is one of those forces. (2016)

Dick and Jane (Fall 2015)

The Wild West Will Never Die

The West evokes numerous images in the American mind. Foremost is the image of the Mythic West as a Garden of Eden . . . other times the West appears as the land of opportunity . . . or a faraway romantic land . . . a place of adventure where one faced natural dangers such as ferocious beasts or human threats of Indians and desperados. (2015)

What in the World?!

Artefacts and Oddities in the Special Collections of the OSU - Tulsa Library. (2015)

Oklahoma: A Sense of Place

The exhibit highlights books about Oklahoma by Michael Wallis. (2014)

National Women's History Month

The exhibit highlights this year's theme, Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment, honoring the extraordinary and often unrecognized determination and tenacity of women. (2014)

Black History Month: Celebrating the GOLDEN JUBILEE of the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT

The exhibit marks the 50th Anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and highlights books in the OSU-Tulsa Library Collection covering the Emancipation Proclamation to the Civil Rights March on Washington and the Origin of Black History Month. (2014)

Dick and Jane and the Fat Cat Nat: A Selection of Basic Readers from the Alice C. Giacobbe Readers Collection

Dr. Alice Claire Culotta Giacobbe (b. 1955, d. 2013) was Assistant Professor in the School of Teaching and Curriculum Leadership at Oklahoma State University teaching courses such as Culturally Responsive Teaching in Special Education, Improving Literacy Skills of Individuals with Disabilities, and Foundations of Literacy. In her memory, the Alice C. Giacobbe Readers Collection is now a part of the OSU-Tulsa Library Special Collections through the generosity of the Giacobbe family. (2013)

The Roads - Ribbons of Promise - That Built America

This display highlights the Interstate Highway System, the naming of roads, the standardization of signs, AAA, road mapping, dirt and pavement roads, and the first federal highways in Oklahoma. (2013)

Murder and Mayhem: Whodunits for Dark Winter Nights

The novels of Carolyn Hart. (2013)

Riot - Remembrance - Reparation

A selection of Tulsa Race Riot publications from the Archives of the OSU-Tulsa Library. (2012)

Selected Recent Publications of the OSU-Tulsa and OSU-Stillwater Faculty (2012)

One Big Dream: The Story of Philmont and How One Boys' Dream Fed the Dream of Many

Construction on Waite Phillip's ranch Philmont began in 1925. In addition to building an architectually noted home he purchased polo ponies, constructed horse trails, stocked streams with trout and created a preserve for buffalo. In 1938 Philmont Ranch was deeded to the Boy Scouts of America. It became a "University of the Out-of-Doors" for boys to develop faith, initiative, dependability, resourcefulness and courage. (2011)

Teresa Miller's Own Story

Teresa Miller, Oklahoma author, Executive Director of The Oklahoma Center for Poets and Writers, OSU-Tulsa English Department Faculty Member, and Host of the OETA Program Writing Out Loud is featured in a display for National Library Week 2011. (2011)

A Tale of Two Pipelines

Tulsa's Spavinaw Water Projects of 1923 and 1951. An exhibit featuring a selection of documents from The Cyrus Stevens Avery Archive. (2011)

Route 66

A journey along Route 66 highlighting some of the archival materials in the OSU-Tulsa Library Special Collections. (2010)

Oklahoma Crossroads by David Fitzgerald and Michael Wallis

Fitzgerald and Wallis pay tribute to beautiful northeastern Oklahoma's Green Country. It is a wonderful collection of photos, personal profiles and stories. (2009)

Beyond the Hills: The Journey of Waite Phillips by Michael Wallis

Waite Phillips was an oil producer, refiner and marketer. In addition to his oil business, he was actively engaged in banking, city real estate developments and the operation of his ranches. While in Tulsa, he built several office complexes, such as the Philtower and Philcade, as well as his mansion, the Italian Renaissance style Villa Philbrook. He later donated his immense home to the city of Tulsa, where it was transformed into the Philbrook Museum of Art. (2009)

Pretty Boy: The Life & Times of Charles Arthur Floyd by Michael Wallis

Pretty Boy Flloyd was a bank robber and alleged killer whose life has been romanticized in the press, music, literature and film. (2009)

An Anthropologist's Passion: The Life-Work of Lydia Lloyd Wyckoff

Dr. Lydia Lloyd Wyckoff was a renowned anthropologist, professor, author and the former curator of Native American and Non-Western Arts at the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She also taught at the University of Tulsa, Yale University, Fairfield University, Bard College, Univeristy of Miami and the University of New Haven. She authored several professional papers as well as award-winning books. The OSU-Tulsa archives holds her major works, research material, reference slides, student work, course materials taught and correspondence. (2008)


Display of Route 66 with some of the products licensed by Disney/Pixar in conjunction with the release of the motion picture Cars. Michael Wallis author of Route 66: the Mother Road had a feature role as the Sheriff of Radiator Springs. (2007)

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