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Request Form for Database / Journal Access Glitches

Request Form for Database / Journal Access Glitches


1] Name of resource: (journal or database)
2] Description of Problem:
Send  a “Snag It” picture to dona.davidson@okstate.edu if possible.
3] Where was the problem discovered?

Other list:
4] How did you discover the problem?:

5] Can you duplicate the problem?:

6] Were you able to obtain the resource in Stillwater? If so, describe how: (Journals full text, Databases A to Z, etc.)

7] If citation, fill in the following blanks:

Name of journal:


Issue: (if known)

First Author:

Title of article:

Database(s) tried to access:

8] If a response is desired by the person who discovered the issue, provide email address below:
9] Anything else relevant:
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