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Students at Oklahoma State University are given access to three computing systems used to manage academic and personal records, e-mail, and on-line classes. Each system stands alone and is administered independently. Information in each of the systems is synchronized nightly. It's important to know how and when to use each system. The systems are:

Frequently Asked Questions

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Student ID/CWID

  1. What is a Student ID?
  2. OSU issues an eight-digit ID number that replaces a social security number as your primary identifier in the Student Information System (SIS). It is commonly called a CWID (Campus Wide ID) because the number functions as a student ID and if necessary, an employee ID. Your CWID does not change after leaving OSU. If you return to OSU for a second degree or resume your education after any break in enrollment, you retain your original CWID.

  3. How do I get a CWID?
  4. When a student's application is entered into the system, SIS will generate a CWID (Campus Wide ID number) and a random PIN for SIS access. This information is sent to the email address provided by the student on their application. If you don't know your CWID, use your social security number to access SIS. When you use your SSN, SIS displays a reminder page that contains your CWID. We recommend you use the CWID to reduce opportunity for a hacker to obtain your SSN.


  1. When do I use O-Key?
  2. Your O-Key account is an "access" account. It's used to access OSU computers, to read and send mail from your OSU email account, and provide a single login to many systems on campus, including SIS and D2L (Desire to Learn). O-Key contains personal and emergency information about you and allows you to reset or change your password at will.

    O-Key accounts are available to you 48 hours after your application has been submitted to OSU. After activation, O-Key will remain available to you as long as you are a student at OSU. Your account is de-activated after three months of no enrollment, or one year after you receive your degree.

  3. What is a PIN? Why do I need one?
  4. PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) are used to access your records from Student Self-Service. PINs are provided to ALL students. Students are assigned a random SIS PIN after their application for admission is added to the SIS database. Students can change their PIN once logged in. The SIS PIN will be REQUIRED for the student to access SIS and to set up their O-Key account.

  5. What about Security?
  6. As with any access code, you should protect your O-Key information and SIS PIN as you would a credit card. PINs remain a part of your personal records for use whenever you need to add or drop classes, access your OSU academic information, provide updated addresses, or request academic transcripts. Change it whenever you feel it is necessary.

  7. How do I activate my O-Key account?
    1. Go to https://app.it.okstate.edu/okey/
    2. Select "O-Key Account Activation."
    3. Complete the requested information, including first two letters of your last name, last five digits of your social security number, and your birthday. Click "Next".
    4. Enter the PIN Number provided to you via email.
    5. Record your O-Key user name and store it in a safe place. Select "Next".
    6. Select a password. O-key will suggest several, or you may create your own. Your password may not contain any dictionary words and must include both upper and lower case letters and at least one number. It must be at least 8 characters. When you have successfully created a password, select "Next".
    7. Complete the contact information page and select "Next".
    8. Enter your contact information. You may enter a preferred first name or leave the box empty. If you want to publish your address in the OSU directory, check the "Publish" box. If the information is out-of-date, you may update it in SIS. It will automatically update in O-Key within 24 hours. Click "Next".
    9. If desired, key a phone number to receive emergency voice mail or text messages. This information will be used to notify you of campus emergencies such as weather-related closings.
      If you selected an emergency text number, select the "carrier type" for that number.
      To test the text messaging system, check the box at the bottom of the page. Click "Next".
    10. Select an e-mail address. You may choose any of the suggested addresses. Record the address you selected. You may need it to login to other accounts. Click "Next".
    11. Select your preferred e-mail box. To receive all mail from OSU in your O-Key email box, select the radio button for "OSU Email System".
      Optional: If you don't want to use your O-Key mail box, enter a forwarding address in the "new destination" box. Re-type it in the 2nd box, then click "Next".
      Note: If you choose to forward your O-Key mail to a private account, any existing O-Key messages will be deleted. You will not be able to read your mail at https://mail.okstate.edu.
    12. You may ask O-Key to send a message to your existing personal e-mail account when O-Key is activated. Enter that address if you want to receive a message. Click "Next".
    13. Enter/Confirm your Alternate Email address. Select "Next".
    14. Enter/Confirm your Authorization to Receive Text Messages. This will allow the system to send a token (required to reset an expired password) to your cell phone. Select "Next".
    15. Carefully create a "Challenge Secret", and then re-type it for verification. Store this information in a safe place. If you do not remember your exact challenge secret, you will not be able to reset your O-Key password without providing proof of your identity to the IT Help Desk via a signed photo ID and a written form or personal appearance at the IT Help Desk. Click "Next".
    16. Enter emergency/missing person contact information if desired. Select "Save".
    17. When your personal profile page is displayed, verify the information you entered and make any needed corrections.
    18. Record your O-Key Username and e-mail address and store them in a safe place.
    19. Logout. The logout button is at the lower left in the black menu area.

    Your O-Key account will be activated and a mailbox created for you within four to six hours. If you attempt to access the Student Information System (SIS) before O-key has completed its processing, SIS will notify you to activate your O-Key.

    Students are encouraged to change their password before it expires. If a password expires the student can still go to okey.okstate.edu to do a password reset; however, a token is required. A token is generated during the password reset process and is sent to the email address or cell phone via text that was designated during the initial setup of O-Key.

  8. What if I Forget my O-Key password?
  9. Click the "Forgot your Password?" link below the O-Key login button and follow the instructions. If you experience problems, contact the Tulsa IT Help Desk at 918-594-8043. The Registrar's Office, Enrollment Services, or IRIM/SIS Production cannot reset your O-Key password.

  10. How long will my O-Key account remain activated?
  11. O-Key accounts remain active as long as a student is enrolled. Should the student fail to enroll, the account becomes inactive three months into the next major term (Fall or Spring). If the student graduates, the account will remain active for an additional year.

  12. How Do I Read my O-Key e-mail?
  13. Go to https://mail.okstate.edu. If you have forwarded your mail to another address, you will not be able to read your mail at this address.
    To login, use your O-Key e-mail address or user name, and your O-Key password.

  14. What is a “Phone Password” (formerly referred to as “Challenge Secret” or “Secret Passcode”)?
  15. What is a “Phone Password” (formerly referred to as “Challenge Secret” or “Secret Passcode”)?
    The Phone Password is a word, a phrase, or a series of numbers made up by the student when they create their O-Key account. The student must know this response in order to reset their password if it is not changed prior to the date it is set to expire. When you reset your O-Key password, you will be asked to set a phone password. This replaces the former challenge secret or secret passcode question and answer. The phone password may be up to 25 characters in length and can contain any combination of letters, numbers, or spaces.

    OSU personnel including the Information Technology Office are required to ask for the phone password if you request information over the phone regarding your educational records or receive assistance with certain changes to your accounts. If you do not know your Phone Password, OSU personnel may not be able to help you or answer your question via telephone.

    Alumni Phone Password
    Either the “Okey Phone Password” or the “Alumni Phone Password” may be used to verify identity regardless if the individual is a former OR current student. The “Alumni Phone Password” is not used just for Alumni but for anyone who does not have an Okey password, does not want to look up their password, has not set up their Okey account, no longer has an Okey account, or for whom it has not yet been 48 hours after submitting their application for admission to receive the email that their Okey is ready for activation.

    In order to change their Okey Phone Password, students will have to login into their Okey account and select the option to change their Okey phone password. Enrollment Services cannot change the Okey Phone Password. They can only change the Alumni Phone Password which has been submitted by the student to Enrollment Services on the “Phone Password” form (located on Registrar’s “forms” page at ok.state.edu and faxed or submitted in person 918-594-8307 [FAX]).

    Please protect your Phone Password as if it were your credit card number. Should you wish to change your secret passcode in the future, simply log into your O-Key Account and select the option to make the change.

    Questions: Enrollment Services 918-594-8100

The Portal

  1. What is the Portal?
  2. SIS is the Student Information System. It contains anything related to your OSU academic record including financial aid information, personal information such as addresses and phone numbers, tuition and fee billing data and your grades. You'll use SIS to:

    • View and accept Financial Aid awards
    • Keep addresses and phone numbers for yourself, parents, and emergency contacts up-to-date
    • Plan your schedule and register for classes online (requires advisor consent)
    • Print your class schedule
    • View an estimated bill when you enroll
    • Verify your enrollment for insurance or scholarships
    • Review your Bursar balance and pay by credit card. Parents may pay on-line, too!
    • Receive your grades and view academic transcripts
    • Order an official academic transcript
    • Purchase OSU student ticket packages (fall term only)

    Note: For best results, expand your browser window to full size, and adjust the text size to prevent data on the screen from "wrapping" because the screen is too small.

    If you activated your O-key account less than 24 hours before accessing SIS, you may be prompted to activate your O-key account again. Select "Activate My O-key Account", then close that window and begin your SIS login again.

  3. How do I log in to the Portal?
  4. You may use your O-Key login and password or your student ID and SIS PIN to log in.

    Using O-Key to Access Student Self-Service

    O-Key is an account management system. It is not part of SIS, but it may be used to access your SIS records.

    1. Go to http://prodosu.okstate.edu/.
    2. Click "Login to Student Services".
    3. Enter your complete OSU e-mail address and enter your O-Key password.
    4. Click "Login".
    5. Go to https://app.it.okstate.edu/okey/ to activate your O-Key account.

    You may also use your Student ID and SIS PIN

    1. Go to http://prodosu.okstate.edu/
    2. Click "Login to Student Services".
    3. Enter your 8-digit CWID and SIS PIN or
    4. Enter your 16-digit ISO number (on your photo ID) and SIS PIN or
    5. Enter your 9-digit ID and SIS PIN.
    6. Click "Login."
      • Every 90 days, SIS requires you to verify your OSU e-mail account and US Postal Services addresses. It also requires you to read the Academic Integrity Policy.

    First ever login using your Social Security Number and SIS PIN:

    1. Go to http://sis.okstate.edu/.
    2. Select "Web for Students."
    3. Click "Login to Student Services."
    4. Key your social security number in the "Student ID" box (the 2nd login option).
    5. Enter your random PIN. Click "Login."
    6. Click "Activate My O-Key Account."
    7. Select "O-Key Account Activation" and follow the instructions. Allow 15 minutes to input the required information, select an email address, create a challenge secret, and create an O-Key password.
  5. What if I forget my PIN?
  6. Students may request their SIS PIN (used for logging into SIS Web for Students or activating a new O-Key account) by submitting a completed SIS PIN Request form to the Office of the Registrar in 322 Student Union (Stillwater) or the Enrollment Services Office on the 1st floor Administration Building (Tulsa). In addition to signing the form, you must attach a legible copy of your photo ID (driver's license, passport, military ID) and select one of the options for receiving your PIN.

    The SIS PIN Request form may be submitted to the Registrar's Office or Enrollment Services in person, via postal mail, via scanned attachment in an email to registrar@okstate.edu, or via fax to 918-594-8307 (Tulsa) or 405-744-8426 (Stillwater). Once you have your PIN, you can change it at any time by logging into SIS Web for Students and selecting the 'Change PIN' option from the "Personal Info" menu.

  7. How do I enroll?
  8. Classes for new semesters are available on SIS one month before enrollment begins. You may begin planning your schedule as soon as the new semester classes are posted on Student Self-Service. Don't forget to schedule an appointment with your advisor.

    Step 1: Plan Your Schedule

    1. Go to the Student Services Home Page (http://prodosu.okstate.edu/).
    3. Click "Lists OPEN Sections Only (FASTER)."
    4. Highlight a Term from the drop-down menu. Click "Select."
    5. Highlight a Department Name from the drop-down "Subject" list.
    6. Use the box(es) to select days, times, sessions, and class level. Click "Submit."
    7. Use the generated list to find the course you want. Write down the course name, call number and meeting time(s) for the section that you want to take.
    8. Click "Select Another Search". Repeat steps 5-7 as necessary. Click "Exit" when you are finished.
      • You may use "List ALL open and closed sections" to identify closed sections of interest to you.
    9. Choose a term and click "Select."
    10. Highlight a subject from the drop-down box. Click "Select."
    11. Highlight a course from the drop-down box. Click "Submit."
    12. Record the course name, call number, and meeting time(s) for the section you want to take.
    13. Click "Select Another Subject" or "Select Another Course."
    14. Repeat as necessary. Click "Exit" when you have finished.

    Step 2: Meet With Your Advisor

    All undergraduates and first-time graduate students have an "Advising Hold" that must be cleared before students may enroll. Advisors require students to schedule an appointment for an in-person meeting or allow meetings via phone, e-mail, or walk-in visits. Contact your advisor or your student services office to find out how to arrange a meeting. During your meeting, your advisor will answer your questions and clear you to self-enroll on the appropriate day.

    • OSU-Tulsa students contact Advisement Services by calling 918-594-8271 (located in North Hall 130).
    • Graduate students and students who have been cleared to self-enroll may use the "Search and Enroll" function. First-time graduate students contact Graduate Student Services by calling 918-594-8445 (located in Main Hall 1101).

    Step 3: Enroll

    1. Login
      1. Log in to Student Services.
      2. Check the term and change it if necessary. Highlight "Term" on the navigation bar; click "Select Term" from the pull-down menu. Click the link for the term you want.
      3. Highlight "Registration" on the navigation bar; click "Drop and Add Classes" from the pull-down menu.
    2. Add Classes
      1. Enter the call numbers (from step 1) in the "Add Class" boxes.
      2. Click "Submit".
      3. Verify the information.
        • Was enrollment in all sections successful?
        • Check the credit hours for variable credit courses and adjust if necessary.
        • Click on the "Change Class Options" link below the "Currently Registered Classes" list. Enter the desired credit hours in the box, then click "Submit."
      4. Highlight "Registration" from the navigation bar to return to enrollment, or choose another option on the navigation bar.

    Step 4: Print Your Schedule

    1. Highlight "Registration" on the navigation bar.
    2. Click "Detailed Schedule" from the pull-down menu.
    3. Click "Print Schedule."

    One-Step "Search and Enroll" Function

    • You must be cleared to self-enroll.
    • You must be logged in to Student Self-Service.

    1. Highlight "Courses" from the navigation bar; click "Course Section Search" in the pull-down menu.
    2. Check the "Term" display just above the "Subject" box. Select a different term if necessary.
      Highlight "Term" on the navigation bar; click "Select Term." Click on the desired term link.
    3. Highlight a Department Name from the drop-down "Subject" box.
    4. Click in the box(es) for the day(s) you want to search.
    5. Highlight a Start Time from the "Earliest Start Time" drop-down box.
    6. Highlight a Start Time from the "Latest Start Time" drop-down box.
    7. Highlight a "Session" from the drop-down box, if desired. For example, you may limit your search to the first eight week session of a regular term. "Normal Academic Term" does not display any courses that meet for less than sixteen weeks of the term.
    8. Highlight a Course Level from the "Level" drop-down box.
    9. Click "Submit."
    10. Choose the course you want from the generated list.
    11. Click on the "Call Number" of the course you want. Verify the course and click "OK."
    12. Verify that you are correctly enrolled (check your "Currently Registered Classes" list).
    13. Repeat as necessary.
    14. Adjust credit hours for variable credit hour classes, if necessary.
    15. Print your schedule.
  9. What holds will keep me from enrolling?
    • A past due account with the Bursar's Office or a Collections Hold (Tulsa Campus - 1st floor Administration Building, 918-594-8320; Stillwater Campus - Room 113 Student Union, 405-744-5993).
    • Academic suspension (contact your Dean's Office).
    • Advising Hold (Tulsa Campus contact the Advisement Center, North Hall 130 or 918-594-8271; Stillwater Campus contact your advisor or Student Services Office).
    • Admissions Hold (Tulsa Campus - 1st floor Administration Building, 918-594-8020 for Undergraduates and Main Hall 1101, 918-594-8445 for Graduates; Stillwater Campus - Room 324 Student Union, 405-744-6858).
    • International Student Office Orientation Hold (Tulsa Campus - Advisement Center, North Hall 130, 918-594-8111; Stillwater Campus - 076 Student Union, 405-744-5459).
    • University Counseling Hold (Stillwater Campus - 326 Student Union, 405-744-5470).
    • Loan Exit Interview Hold or Student Loan Accounting Hold (Tulsa Campus - Financial Aid Office, North Hall 130, 918-594-8273; Stillwater Campus - Scholarships & Financial Aid, Room 119 Student Union, 405-744-6604).

Desire2Learn (D2L)

  1. What is Desire2Learn?
  2. D2L is used by many professors to post syllabi, quizzes, tests, and homework assignments on the internet. They may use it to send messages to you. Some classes may include on-line discussions. You may take quizzes and tests, and submit your assignments online.

    SIS updates D2L with enrollment information nightly. Course information is available one week before the class begins and may be accessed for two weeks after the class ends.

    Use your O-key login to access D2L. For more information, go to the D2L home page at http://online.okstate.edu and select the Student Help link.

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