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Master of Professional Science in Environmental Management

OSU-Tulsa offers Professional Science Master’s degree in Environmental Management, the first and only program of its kind in Oklahoma providing students a direct springboard to industry-specific job opportunities. The program is accredited by the National Professional Science Master's Association.

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High demand

There is a growing need for environmental professionals in industry to manage critical resources, incorporate sustainable technologies, increase profits by reducing waste and ensuring ecological integry and social equity. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 11 percent increase in the number of environmental scientist and specialist jobs between 2014 and 2024, a faster-than-average growth rate than all occupations,

As of May 2017, OSU-Tulsa's Professional Science Master's program boasts a 100 percent employment rate among its graduates. With just two years of study, graduates are well prepared to manage an organization's environmental and regulatory needs.

Industries that seek environmental professionals include:

  • Aerospace
  • Health Care
  • Oil and Petroleum
  • Municipal, State and Federal Government
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Engineering Firms
  • Tribal Organizations

What you will learn

  • Working knowledge of local, state and federal environmental rules and regulations

  • Strategies that help companies increase financial profitability while reducing waste and environmental impact

  • Skills in solving environmental problems through data analysis and evaluation

  • The application of environmental science principles in business decision-making situations

Core Curriculum Requirements

  • ENVR 5303 Issues in Sustainability
  • ENVR 5123 Environmental Problem Analysis
  • ENVR 5533 Genres of Environmental Writing
  • ENVR 5503 Environmental Management Practicum
  • ENVR 5510 Environmental Management Internship
  • Natural or Physical Science (21 hours)

To accommodate working students, all courses are offered once a week during the evening hours. Visit the Environmental Science Graduate Program program website or OSU-Tulsa Graduate Student Services to get more information about the master's degree program.

Creative Component

Rather than a master's thesis, students complete a creative component in which they write a paper demonstrating their ability to apply environmental science principles in actual decision-making situations during an internship with local companies or organizations. The internship and creative component equips students with practical, hands-on experience as students begin their careers.

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Laying the Foundation

OSU-Tulsa also offers a bachelor's degree in management with a business sustainability option that feeds into the Professional Science Master's degree. Visit the Bachelor of Management with Business Sustainability Option website to learn more about the Spears School of Business program.

Contact Information:

OSU-Tulsa Graduate Student Services Center
North Hall 130