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Human Development and Family Science

If you’re looking for a career working with families and helping individuals meet their full potential, you can get there from here with a bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Science from OSU-Tulsa.

This flexible degree program prepares you to work at for-profit, nonprofit and government agencies in areas such as:

  • Case Work
  • Delivering educational programs
  • Managing organizations
  • Public policy, advocacy and organizing
  • Research and scholarship
  • Teaching and curriculum development

The HDFS degree is also the perfect foundational degree for graduate school for therapy, counseling, social work or other advanced study.

Whether you want to enter a human services field, advance in your current position or earn a higher salary, a bachelor’s degree from OSU-Tulsa will give you the skills, experience and credibility you need.

OSU-Tulsa’s undergraduate degree in HDFS is one of only two in the state nationally accredited as approved Certified Family Life Education Programs (CFLE), helping our graduates attain valuable certification that boosts their career prospects.

Students have the opportunity to participate in research including National Institutes of Health-funded projects helping community organizations.

Career Opportunities

OSU-Tulsa HDFS graduates work in settings including health care, community organizations, schools, corporate offices, government agencies and the military. Some organizations where graduates from our program can be found are:

  • Emergency Infant Services
  • CASA
  • Domestic Violence Intervention Services
  • Oklahoma Department of Human Services
  • Community Action Project
  • School Counseling
  • Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension

Degree Options Available at OSU-Tulsa

The HDFS major has several options that can be tailored toward your desired career path or help accommodate elective credits you may already have earned. Internship and research opportunities provide additional experience to give you an edge in the workforce.

  • Child and Family Services (view the fact sheet from the OSU Department of Human Development and Family Science)
    The child and family services degree option prepares individuals for careers that provide services and leadership to children, youth, adults and their families.

    The course content focuses on individual development, human family dynamics and interaction, policy, management and professional skills. Students are given critical thinking, assessment and analytical skills and knowledge of human behavior across the lifespan.

    Graduates in this field find challenging and rewarding positions throughout the nation. They have increasing career opportunities in urban areas and may find professional positions in government agencies focused on “at risk” groups. Many students go on to attend graduate schools (law school, medical school or allied health).

Graduate Program Options at OSU-Tulsa

Get more information about degree requirements and curriculum at the OSU Department of Human Development and Family Science website or by contacting OSU-Tulsa Prospective Student Services.



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