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Political Science, B.A. or B.S.

Political science is the study of how societies are governed and to what ends. Political scientists study government and politics within the U.S., within other nations and among nations. They investigate the causes and effects of various forms of political behavior; they analyze the policy making processes of governments; they seek to understand the political and social consequences of laws, political institutions and procedures; and they study the values that give rise to the rich variety of behaviors, institutional forms and public policies that comprise the world of politics.

As one of the liberal arts disciplines, political science prepares students to think independently, to communicate effectively, to understand complex social structures and to function effectively in a multicultural world. These skills are broadly applicable to a wide variety of career choices. Moreover, the particular emphasis of a political science education uniquely prepares one for knowledgeable and effective citizenship at all levels of the political system.

Some of the most common careers for political science graduates include the study and practice of law, law enforcement, paralegal services, staff work for elected office holders and other government service, journalism and publishing, administration and research in the not-for-profit sector, corporate management, lobbying, staff work for international organizations and corporations, political and marketing research and (with additional training) teaching at either the secondary school or college level.

Students who wish to pursue their education beyond the baccalaureate degree find that an undergraduate political science education provides a solid preparation for graduate study in political science, public administration, business, public policy, international affairs or law.

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