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Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
Sustainability U

Sustainability U

OSU in Tulsa's Sustainable Office Certification Program

Sustainability U provides staff and faculty with the necessary tools and frame work  to operate an office environment that is productive and meaningful while also promoting sustainable office practices and being good stewards of resources.  Sustainability U celebrates the ongoing efforts of our staff and also provides ideas, education and guidelines to enhance all areas of office operation.

The goal of the program is to reward stewardship of resources reached through using fewer materials, producing less waste, and improving processes.

How it Works

Steps to complete Sustainability U – OSU in Tulsa's Sustainable Office Certification Program

  1. Register to enroll in Sustainability U by emailing Angelyn Holmes.
  2. After your registration is confirmed, schedule an office or departmental meeting about participating the program.
  3. Apply for Sustainability U Certification.
  4. Receive recognition as an OSU in Tulsa Sustainability U Office.

Areas of focus and examples

  • Energy – turning off all unused electronic equipment, turning off lights in unused offices, break rooms, conference rooms, etc., shutting down computers, printers, monitors, speakers, etc. at end of the day
  • Recycling – recycling office paper, cardboard and plastic and aluminum containers
  • Purchasing – purchasing energy star rated equipment when possible, checking Swap Shop for common office supplies before purchasing, checking surplus before purchasing,
  • Office Practices – only printing when necessary, printing duplex using Garamond typeface, trying Print Free Friday, utilizing Adobe Acrobat or Reader for office documents instead of printing and pen marking, accepting electronic signatures
  • Events, meetings and break room – utilizing a shared screen instead of providing handouts, encouraging others to bring cups or bottles instead of distributing single-use canned or bottled beverages
  • Culture – providing new employees with our stewardship of resources commitment, recognizing colleagues who champion sustainability efforts, remaining open to ideas and input from colleagues who propose efforts to be good stewards of resources.


To enroll your department in Sustainability U, email Angelyn Holmes.