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Electrical Engineering, B.S.
Computer Engineering, B.S.CP

Computer and electrical engineers design and develop new equipment in the laboratory, apply modern microprocessors in the field, operate or supervise production operations, and may also conduct technical writing, customer service and sales. Electrical engineers specialize in different areas such as power generation, transmission and distribution; communications; and electrical systems or aviation electronics.


OSU offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Major areas of emphasis in the Electrical Engineering program include controls, optoelectronics, VLSI, image processing, power and energy, signal processing, and telecommunications. Multi-million dollar research programs include cross-disciplinary, integrative programs affiliated with industry and research centers.

Career Options

Some occupations that this major is especially suited for include:

  • Electrical engineer
  • Aircraft electrical engineer
  • Communications engineer
  • Radar technician
  • Power distribution engineer
  • Computer and hardware design
  • Computer engineer
  • Computer support analyst
  • Systems analyst

More information on this field of study is available on the OSU School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Web site.

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