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Academic Alert System

Academic Alert System

Oklahoma State University is committed to the academic success of our students. The Undergraduate Academic Alert System is a communication tool that allows instructors to voluntarily report concerns about the attendance and academic performance of the students in their classes. This resource is continually available during the first 12 weeks of the fall and spring semesters and uses the same online Faculty/Advisor Self Service (SIS) that is used to report grades. The alert generates an email message to the student as well as providing information to the student's advisor. The student is asked to contact the instructor to discuss ways to improve and to contact the academic advisor to obtain help with develping a plan for success. Academic advisors are expected to initiate contact with students identified by the alert to provide advising assistance and appropriate referrals to tutoring services, career counseling, personal counseling, the Student Success Center and other campus resources.

The Academic Alert does not affect the reporting of six-week grades or final grades. Attendance reporting that is requested during the fourth week of the semester utilizes the Academic Alert System.

The Academic Alert includes the following optional indicators:

  • Attendance (no evidence of attendance, excessive absences, stopped attending)
  • Poor quality work (checkbox)
  • Missing work (checkbox)
  • Cannot pass with remaining coursework (checkbox)
  • Instructor comments (Open-ended responses)

Direct technical questions about the Academic Alert system to Bonnie Stone (SIS-DM@okstate.edu, 405-744-6864).

Direct all other questions to Angel Ray, Retention Coordinator (bangel@okstate.edu, 918-594-8271).


Angel Ray
Retention Coordinator
North Hall 130


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