Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
Get Here Tuition Waiver

"Get Here" Tuition Waiver

Get the most out of your college experience by taking classes on site at Oklahoma State University in Tulsa. Students can connect with professors, network with fellow students and develop the interpersonal skills that employers value. As an added incentive, OSU-Tulsa is offering a $250 "Get Here" tuition waiver for students who take classes on campus this fall.

Reasons to take classes on campus

  • Develop the interpersonal skills employers value
  • Connect with your professors
  • Network with fellow students
  • Save money by not paying extra online class fees
  • Get $250 off your tuition with the Get Here tuition waiver

The Get Here tuition waiver offers $250 off tuition for taking all of your courses on-site at OSU-Tulsa—course sections 800-899. Undergraduates with a 2.00 GPA taking at least 15 hours and graduate students with a 3.00 GPA taking at least nine hours of courses may be eligible. The Get Here tuition waiver is available to resident and non-resident students. To be eligible, students must be admitted to an OSU degree program.

The Get Here tuition waiver pays tuition only. It may be used in combination with cash scholarships. For undergraduates, it may not be used in combination with other tuition waiver scholarships. Graduate students may use with other tuition waiver scholarships up to the total cost of tuition only. The waiver is only available on the OSU-Tulsa campus.

Level Required Hours Required Course Sections Minimum
Combine with Other Tuition Waivers Admitted to OSU degree program Campus
Undergraduate 15 800-899 2.00 No Yes Tulsa only
Graduate 9 800-899 3.00 Yes – Up to cost of tuition Yes Tulsa only

Available Fall 2013 only.

Contact OSU-Tulsa's Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at 918-594-8273 to see if you are eligible.