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Graduate Student Services Events and Workshops

OSU-Tulsa Graduate Student Services offers workshops and other events for prospective, new and currently enrolled graduate students. Contact a Graduate Student Services Coordinator for more information on any of these programs.

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Library and Research

Tom Thorisch, research librarion, will show you how to utilize the databases and other research resources at the OSU-Tulsa library. Small groups are encouraged. Register at the OSU-Tulsa library website or email Tom Thorisch for more information.


Jan. 7, 2017

10:30 a.m. - Noon

Graduate Student Orientation
Find out how a graduate education can benefit you at this workshop.

  • Meet fellow graduate students, professors and the Graduate Services Center staff
  • Discover the various resources and services available at OSU-Tulsa
  • Get information and tips to help you successfully complete your graduate education.
  • Learn about upcoming workshops and other events
  • Lunch will be provided, enjoy prizes and giveaways

All new, current and future OSU graduate students are invited to learn how to make the most of your grad school experience at OSU-Tulsa.

B.S. Roberts

Plan of Study Workshop
The Plan of Study is required for all degreee-seeking students. Learn how to navigate the online Plan of Study and gain insight to university policies and procedures as they relate to graduate student matriculation. An initial Plan of Study must be completed during the second term (for Master's students) and third term (for Doctoral Students).


Select one session to attend. No RSVP Required.


Guide to Graduation for Thesis and Dissertation Degree Candidates
All graduate students who intend to complete a thesis or dissertation are required to attend this presentation (or watch the online video) prior to graduation. Topics include policies and procedures leading to graduation as well as thesis/dissertation formatting requirements.


Select one session to attend. No RSVP Required.

Upcoming .

Guide to Graduation for Non-Thesis Master's Degree Candidates
This presentation is recommended for all graduate students who intend to earn a Master's Degree but are not required to complete a thesis. Familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures leading to graduation.


Select one session to attend. No RSVP Required.