Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
Oklahoma State University - Tulsa

AJA Orion Magnetron Sputterer

Sputtering occurs by accelerating ions towards an intended target material. The resulting collision causes the target material to be expelled outwards where it collects onto an intended substrate. This sputterer is equipped with 5 magnetron guns which support 2” diameter targets. There are RF, DC, and DC-pulsed power supplies which allow the sputtering of both metals and dielectrics. Substrate biasing and rotation is available as well as substrate heating which can be managed up to 850°C. Co-sputtering can be accomplished by operating multiple guns simultaneously and reactive sputtering can be performed by including nitrogen or oxygen into the plasma.

    • 5 - 2" magnetron guns w/ 4" wafer load-lock (5” capable if no heating needed)
    • DC Source DCX5750 - 750W
    • DC Pulse - Pinnacle - 1000W
    • AC Source - AJA 100/300 RF - 300W
    • Bias Source (AC) - AJA 100/300 RF – 50W
    • Gases – Ar, N2, O2
    • Typical Targets – Cu, Cr, Au, Ti, Al, W

AJA Orion Magnetron Sputter