Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
Oklahoma State University - Tulsa

QD Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) EverCool-II

Scanning Electron Microscope


  • 9-Tesla superconducting magnet
  • Sealed sample chamber with 2.6 cm diameter sample access
  • EverCool-II cryogen-free cooling technology
  • Versatile sample mounts couple easily to the 12 electrical leads built into the cryostat insert
  • The PPMS is controlled by the Model 6000, a sophisticated microprocessor-controlled device that eliminates the need to use or purchase external bridges, current or voltage sources, or lock-in amplifiers
  • Continuous Low-Temperature Control – maintains temperature below 4.2 K and offers smooth temperature transitions when warming and cooling through 4.2 K
  • User Experiments – External instruments may be controlled automatically using an integrated Visual Basic interface within our Windows-based MultiVu control software or by controlling external Visual C++, Delphi or Visual Basic programs.