Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
The Advantages of Early Enrollment

The end of the semester and holiday break are almost here. Now is the time to enroll for spring.

The earlier you enroll, the better. Like holiday shopping, the best deals go to those who start early.

Get what you want -- a schedule that works for you.

Your life is already full enough without having to juggle things around to fit your school schedule. Enrolling early means you get the best selection of class days and times. You will be in control of your schedule, and not the other way around.

Ensure the class you need is being offered.

It's frustrating to discover the class you need has been cancelled. This usually happens due to low enrollment. Enroll as soon as possible so officials know there is interest in the classes you want to take.

Waiting to enroll can cost you.

Did you know that if you wait too long to enroll, you can incur late enrollment fees? As we get closer to the start of the semester, the costs aren't all that can go up. Classes will fill up quickly, and class sizes are limited. Save money and reserve your seat in the classes you want.


Take action

All undergraduate students must meet with their advisor prior to enrolling. Walk-in advising is available from 2 to 6 p.m. Monday, Dec. 19 through Thursday, Dec. 22.