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Value Your College Experience

Value your college experience.

College is more than classes and exams. Your education at OSU in Tulsa will help you develop communication, interpersonal and leadership skills employers want. OSU-Tulsa offers a well-rounded college experience, where you make lifelong friends, achieve your goals and add value to your education.

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How to get the most from your college experience.

Five OSU-Tulsa students share their tips on how to get the most value from your college experience.

Tip #1: Everyone loves leaders.

Mike Ferguson, Political Science: "There are political structures . . . whether it's going to work for a business or going to work for a public entity like a school. So it would be good for you to be able to slip into that and already have an idea of what to expect when you go into your career."

Crystal LaGrone, Political Science: "I think as a college graduate, you are a leader. And so, it helps to have those leadership skills."

Tip #2: Get your hands on some real experience.

Micah Cartwright, Human Development and Family Science: "They give you opportunities here that I didn't see at the other schools that I've been to. Sometimes professors will allow you to work in their research lab. So, you're working with other undergrad students, masters- and doctorate-level students and you're getting to do research in the lab. I got to work with a local agency and do some research with them."

Tip #3: Make your experience work in the classroom.

Nikki Haggins, Health Care Administration: "OSU-Tulsa helps me be creative. I've never been able to express all of my different experience in my class situations and say, 'hey, I can use this experience and kind of fill it in with this.' It just fits, and like I said, work and school went hand-in-hand."

Tip #4: Campus organizations help you go places.

Moises Echeverria, International Business: "Being involved for me was key to feeling part of OSU, having success and knowing what's available. And so for me, being involved has made a huge difference in my higher education--my college experience."

Tip #5: Find your friends.

Crystal LaGrone, Political Science: "Students here, the faculty, the administration, they also are like family for me. All the friends I've made here, these are people I want to--I want to keep up with these people. These are my friends now. And that to me has been important. They say that you meet your friends in college, and I was fortunate to go to college twice, so I have double friends."

How do you add value to your college education?

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