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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Employees complete OSU Pride Works quality service program

More than 20 employees have completed the “OSU Pride Works: Quality Service Initiative” certificate program launched this spring by OSU in Tulsa Human Resources.

OSU-Tulsa certificate recipients include Trey Alward, graduate student services coordinator; Tamara Barnes, information technology supply specialist; Priscilla Boegh, academic counselor; Michelle Boyd, business affairs coordinator; Alicia Buxton, academic counselor; Crisann Hanes, academic counselor; Jen Lillie, library technical assistant; Jessica McIver, financial aid counselor; Bobbie McPherson, human resources coordinator; Beverly Morris, academic counselor; Lance Mott, undergraduate admissions officer; Alecia Reavis, undergraduate admissions officer; Jon Russell, telecommunications technician;  Kelsey Ryan, administrative assistant; Allison Tifft, academic counselor; Andrea Turner, lead enrollment specialist; and Sarah Vizza, academic counselor.

Participants were required to attend five hours of in-class instruction and complete at least five of seven online courses. Attendance at the Ignite Your Passion Spring Staff Conference and the creation position-specific service standards also were mandatory. To learn more about the certificate program and to find out how to enroll, visit the OSU Pride Works website.

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