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Friday, August 25, 2017

OSU-Tulsa Library staff committed to provide opportunities to enhance academic success

Lynn Wallace

The OSU-Tulsa Library has access to a world of academic research and specialized databases that you can’t find in a Google search.

“A large part of research and academia is locked behind a paywall. It’s not accessible to the general public,” said Lynn Wallace, who was named library director in June. “We are the conduit that connects students with that critical information.”

And one of the best things about the library’s content is it’s free and available to students and faculty, she said.

“The library staff is focused on students’ academic development and assisting faculty with research,” Wallace said. “We are the campus information specialists. Our goal is to provide opportunities to enhance academic success.”

Wallace joined the library in 1999, the founding year of OSU-Tulsa. She had been a student at the OSU-Tulsa campus when it was known as the University Center at Tulsa (UCAT).

During her undergraduate and master’s degree studies, she worked full-time, carried a heavy academic load and had a child. Because of her experience, she has an appreciation for OSU-Tulsa students and their commitment to education.

“I am passionate about what OSU-Tulsa’s purpose and mission represents to me – equal educational opportunities,” Wallace said. “For those who are unable to go to Stillwater because of family or work obligations, you’ve got an equal shot at the same quality education right here in Tulsa.”

Her passion for education comes full circle – back to the array of opportunities available at the library.

Students have the opportunity to access large amounts of content, learn a variety of research methods, use special software to manage citations, references and bibliographies, book group study rooms and utilize the wealth of experience and knowledge that OSU-Tulsa librarians are more than willing to provide.

“Academic libraries across the country are evolving and reinventing their mission, focus and services. The way people access information is rapidly changing and academic libraries are charged with keeping up with those changes,” she said. “Libraries are moving from being a warehouse of books to a place where knowledge creation is supported.”

Wallace envisions increasing partnerships with student groups, faculty and others to further enhance the academic culture on campus. And she is keen to build the library’s inventory for the Tech-to-Go loaner program, including laptops, Go-Pro cameras, MacBooks and additional technology.

Strategic planning, focus groups, surveys and advisory committees are being developed to provide a forum for the users of the library to give input.

“Knowledge is power,” Wallace said. “My advice to students is to make librarians your best friends on campus. We can help make the difference in your success. And that is why we’re here.”

If interested in serving on a committee or providing feedback about the library, feel free to email Wallace. For more information on the library’s services, visit the OSU-Tulsa Library website.

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