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Thursday, December 20, 2012

OSU-CHS Behavioral Health Services offers resources to cope with Newtown school shooting situation

In light of the recent events in Newtown, Conn., many organizations are making an effort to help people better manage the distress related to this incidence. Teri Bourdeau, Ph.D., director of behavioral health services at OSU-CHS, offers some helpful information for coping with the tragedy.  

"Schools are normally very safe places for children and these types of situations are rare," said Bourdeau. "Communication and collaboration among schools, parents and communities are critical to ensure that students continue to view schools as safe, caring and supportive environments. How adults react to this tragedy can shape the way children and youth react and their perceptions of safety."

Bourdeau recommends the following resources to learn more about coping in the aftermath of a school shooting:

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