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OSU-Tulsa News

Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015

Students to design, build boats at Engineering Design Challenge

Engineering Design Challenge 2015
Local school students design a boat during the Engineering Design Challenge last year.

The annual Engineering Design Challenge, created to stimulate interest among local elementary to high school students in science, technology, engineering and math through hands-on activities, is set for Feb. 25. The free event is open to Tulsa-area schools to promote science and creativity during National Engineers Week.

Students work in teams to design, build and race a self-propelled, motorized watercraft. The project will require students to solve problems together related to stability, thrust, buoyancy, electronics, sensors and more.

OSU-Tulsa students, faculty and staff will be available to assist teams during the design and construction process. Judges will consider timed races and other criteria for award presentations for fastest boat, aesthetics and teamwork. Lunch is provided and each participant will receive a T-shirt. Read more.

Finals Week tips for reducing stress

One of the busiest times in college life is at the end of the semester as students work to complete projects and study for exams. But there are ways to relieve stress during this busy time. Here are some tips for managing stress during finals week:

  • Prepare for tests and projects by making a ‘to-do’ list or using a planner
  • Find a quiet place to study to remain focused and avoid distractions.
  • Plan a study strategy and ensure you are utilizing effective study habits
  • Eat a balanced diet, exercise and try to get at least six hours of sleep each night.
  • Take small breaks to recharge. Stand up, stretch or go for a walk to refresh yourself for a few minutes before returning to your studies.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to cram for a test. Start early.

Free chair massages will be offered next week from 4-6 p.m. Monday through Thursday as students prepare for Finals Week.

Orange Pride


Charyl Turner, business affairs specialist in budget and finance for the facilities management department, is the recipient of the October Orange Pride award. This monthly series spotlights Orange Pride recipients and lets you learn more about OSU-Tulsa’s outstanding employees.

What drives you to do your best work?
I don’t quit until I am happy with the outcome. 

Name one thing you are most proud of about OSU-Tulsa.
I am most proud of our department. We challenge each other to bring out the best in us. We come together in a time of need. We strive to be a team.

What is one of your favorite quotes?
“Compassion is the ultimate expression of your highest self.”  – Russell Simmons

If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?
I would love to travel and see the seven natural wonders of the world. I love being outdoors and surrounded by nature.

To nominate an OSU-Tulsa staff member for the Orange Pride award, complete the nomination form. Orange Pride recipients are selected each month and receive a framed certificate and $100.

Help make the season bright for Academy Central Elementary students

Cowboy Tree
The Cowboy Tree is located in the North Hall Lobby.

Adopt a cowboy or cowgirl from the Cowboy Tree this holiday season to provide gifts for a student at Academy Central Elementary, OSU-Tulsa’s Partner in Education school.

To participate, select a paper cowboy boot from the tree located in the North Hall Lobby. Register your name and the name of the student you select at the Information Center and purchase toys, clothing and other gifts for the child from those listed on the boot.

Gifts should be wrapped with the child’s boot attached and delivered to the Information Center by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 16 so they can be delivered to the school before winter break.

Take action to conserve energy at OSU-Tulsa during Thanksgiving break

Remember to take some simple steps to help OSU-Tulsa’s energy conservation effort before leaving for the Thanksgiving holiday. Tips for saving energy costs include:

  • Turn off or unplug electronic equipment such as computers, monitors, speakers and printers.
  • Unplug fans, chargers, radios and appliances such as coffeemakers.
  • Close blinds and tilt the slats upward to reduce heat loss.
  • Turn off all lights when you leave.

Since OSU in Tulsa implemented the energy conservation program in 2007, OSU-Tulsa has produced nearly $1.9 million in savings. To learn more about campus conservation efforts, visit the energy conservation website.