Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
Next Generation Materials Lab Projects


Currently, we are working on three different projects. Learn more about our research projects on Professor Vaidyanathan's profile page.

Waste Carpet Recycling

CNG tankInfusing waste carpet with resin and other particles, creates toolings or sound deadening material for road barriers and bridges.

Low-Cost Composite Tooling Materials Based on Recycled Carpet Composite (click to view research information poster)

The Impact of Clay on the Fire Retardancy Property of Post Consumer Carpet Compsites (click to review research information poster)

Compressed Natural Gas tank

CNG tankWe are working with CleanNG to create a Type V CNG (compressed natural gas) tank for cars and trucks made of basalt fiber, resin and nano particles.

Manufacturing Processes for All Composite CNG Tanks (click to view research information poster)

Fab@Home Machine

CNG tankLastly, we are in the process of configuring a Fab@home Model 2 machine.