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Professional Development - It's All in the Details

It's All in the Details Staff Conference

Thursday, March 14 and Friday, March 15
11 a.m. to 5 p.m..
OSU-Tulsa Helmerich Research Center

So much time is spent on the priorities and issues at hand that often times the little things are overlooked. Taking time out to focus on what makes us great is critical. Take part in this spring conference to refine the skills needed to grow relationships, teams and to create a positive work atmosphere.

The same workshops will be offered both days, with two exceptions:

  • Working 9 to 5: A Cinematic Approach to Sexual Harrassment on Thursday, March 14 at at 12:40 p.m.
  • Five-Star Customer Service on Friday, March 15 at 12:40 p.m.

Participants may attend workshops on either or both days, but they will only receive one incentive payment for the conference. Participants may apply workshop hours from both days to their OSU Pride Works certificate program.

You will be able to receive a one-time incentive payment by attending workshops and submitting an action plan. You will be able to count the workshop hours toward your respective training certificate.

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Schedule and Session Descriptions

Lunch/Keynote (11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) - HRC Atrium

The Transformational Power of Purpose
Jim Whitt

Any animal can be trained using reward (the carrot) and punishment (the stick). Purpose is the only thing that engages the human spirit and empowers us to rise above our animal natures to become self-motivated. Learn how purpose is the key to reaching our full potential and living a fulfilled and happy life.

Lunch provided by Baxters Interurban Grill. Registration for lunch is required.

Session 1 (12:40-2 p.m.) Choose one:

Thursday, March 14

Working 9 to 5: A Cinematic Approach
Sandy Cooper, HR Director, OSU in Tulsa
OSU Pride Works For Our Customers
OSU Pride Works With Me

OSU Pride Works In Our Leaders

We've seen the movies and the YouTube clips, but what exactly is sexual harassment and how does it impact our work?  Sexual harassment does still exist in our society even though it is against the law. As participants will discuss scenarios from movie scenes, they will seek to understand what sexual harassment is and is not, and what to do if they experience or witness it. 

Friday, March 15

Five-Star Customer Service
Jana Christian, President, The Etiquette School of Oklahoma

OSU Pride Works With Me
OSU Pride Works In Our Leaders
OSU Pride Works For Our Customers

Howard Shultz, CEO of Starbucks, said it this way, "We are not in the coffee business serving people; we are in the people business offering coffee."  No matter what business you are in, people should always be first and foremost.  In this seminar, we will cover:

  • What is 5 Star Service?
  • Who are my Customers?
  • Creating an Atmosphere for Success
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Dealing with Challenging Customers
  • Moments of Opportunity

Bully-free Begins with Me
Marsha Kennedy
OSU Pride Works For Our Customers
OSU Pride Works With Me

OSU Pride Works In Our Leaders

Bullying in the workplace has received increasing attention and has become a topic of concern across the world.  What is bullying and what is it not?  How does bullying differ from harassment?   Why do people bully others and what can you do if you are a victim or if you observe bullying?  Learn what you need to know about keeping this issue off your campus!

Sesson 2 (2:10-4:10 p.m.) Choose one:

Conflict Resolution
Sarah Stephens, Persimmon Group
OSU Pride Works For Our Customers
OSU Pride Works With Me

OSU Pride Works In Our Leaders

Conflict is normal in everyday business life. The key is to learn how to respond and to resolve conflict with minimal amount of time and additional conflict. This course defines conflict with a minimal amount of time and additional conflict. This course defines conflict, addresses why it exists, and identifies different ways that it occurs. With practical and hand-on components, the course discusses how to deal with conflict (whether it is cognitive, emotional or physical) and what process is used to either avoid them or reduce them significantly. Discussions will be facilitated to help participants understand conflict styles and how human beings respond to conflict. Additionally, participants learn seven steps that can be utilized toward effective conflict resolution.


Respectful Workplace
Cheryl Doellefeld Barth, Turning Potential Into Success!
OSU Pride Works For Our Customers
OSU Pride Works With Me

OSU Pride Works In Our Leaders

  • Our work world is becoming increasingly demanding and that is why it is so important for everyone to come to work in an environment safe from disrespectful behavior.  Adding conflict to that environment can undermine the contributions all employees.  This very interactive workshop goes beyond showing a video and prompts participants to really reflect and think about issues of respect in the workplace while also learning how to prevent and handle situations that do occur.
  • Recognize the value of individual differences
  • Identify behaviors that promote respect and accountability
  • Develop a common understanding of acceptable and unacceptable workplace behaviors
  • Know how to discourage disrespectful behavior and what to do when disrespectful situations occur
Closing Session (4:20-5 p.m.) - HRC Atrium

Making it Work
Jennifer Lawson-Newby, OSU in Tulsa Human Resources
OSU Pride Works With Me
OSU Pride Works…Diversity
OSU Pride Works In Our Leaders
OSU Pride Works For Our Customers

This closing program will wrap up the discussions and learning points that have been reflected throughout the day. Participants must have attended at least one other workshop during the day to take part in the closing session.

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Attendees will be able to apply workshops toward their currently enrolled certificate program in conjunction with obtaining credit for this workshop day. The lunch/keynote speaker session counts as a workshop.

  • Attend one workshop + Action Plan (does not include the closing workshop) = $25
  • Attend two workshops + Action Plan (does not include the closing workshop) = $35
  • Attend three workshops + Action Plan (does not include the closing workshop) = $50
  • Attend all day (three workshops and closing) + Action Plan = $100

All action plans are due to Human Resources by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 29. If an employee is unable to obtain their manager’s signature on the action plan, they should submit their plan to HR with at least the employee’s signature. A training representative will follow up with the manager to obtain final signatures if needed.

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Participants must have their supervisor's approval to participate in the conference. Register by submitting the online form, which will email your supervisor to confirm approval for participation. Your supervisor must reply to the email in order for you to be enrolled in the workshop.

Register online

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Download and fill out the following two forms and return to Human Resources by 5 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 16 to receive credit for your participation in the conference and your incentive.

Download Action Plan form (PDF)

Download Example Action Plan (PDF)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll?

Enrollment for the conference and/or a workshop is done online.  Once completed, your request will forward to your supervisor via email.  To approve enrollment, your supervisor will need to click on Reply All and Human Resources personnel will be notified.

Do I have to enroll in the Conference to attend a workshop?

Enrolling in any workshop (with supervisor’s approval) automatically enrolls you in the Conference. 

Do I have to attend all day? Can I attend both days?

Some workshops will be repeated both days of the conference, while others will only occur once. Participants are not required to attend all day, nor are they expected to attend both days.

To receive the $100 incentive, a participant must attend the opening, two workshops and the closing session. While participants may attend as many workshops as they choose, only one incentive payment will be given for this conference and workshops only count toward one training program.

Do I have to sign up for lunch?

If you plan on attending lunch, yes.  This way we have an accurate count to order food.

How do I write an Action Plan?

Each incentive option requires an Action Plan.  The template for the Action Plan can be found online.

What are the incentives for attending the Conference?

View all incentive options here.