Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
Oklahoma State University - Tulsa

OSU in Tulsa Research Day 2016

Feb. 18-19 at OSU Center for Health Sciences

OSU in Tulsa's annual Research Day highlights the creative and innovative research projects underway by OSU students and faculty at OSU-Tulsa and the OSU Center for Health Sciences. It coincides with Research Week in Stillwater.

Abstract submissions are due by Wednesday, Feb. 10. Poster print requests are due by Monday, Jan. 18, 2016.

2015 OSU RESEARCH DAY winners

Oral Presentations


  1. Marshall Harrup
  2. Salah Hamim

High School

  1. K. Boyina


  1. Robert Lewis
  2. M.A. DeGear
  3. Ian Browne

Human Sciences

  1. Jonathan R. Douglas


Anatomy and Cell Biology

  1. Brittany Bolt
  2. Leigha King
  3. Dylan Smith

Biochemistry and Microbiology

  1. David Supeck
  2. Allison McDonald
  3. Jennifer Briggs

Biomedical Sciences

  1. Branden Carr

Pharmacology and Physiology

  1. Dusti Sloan
  2. Leandra Figueroa-Hall
  3. Joshua Redmond

Human Sciences

  1. Pam Pearsall
  2. Lisa Conley


  1. Disna Samarakoon
  2. Kimberly Ranae Smith
  3. Margaret Hansen


  1. Bryan Bozell
  2. Mehvish Shah
  3. Nicholas Thompson

Medical Student

  1. Philip Sinnett
  2. Beth DeWitt
  3. Kimberly Day

High School

  1. Joanna George
  2. Monica Venkatesha
  3. K. Boyuina


  1. Zinar Simsek

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