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OSU-Tulsa’s innovative faculty research and publish articles for academic journals and conferences, as well as collaborate with national businesses and universities on comprehensive research projects. Below are examples of the pioneering research that is being accomplished by OSU-Tulsa faculty.

Each title links to the article in PDF format for viewing or download, unless otherwise specified.

  • Living in Space
    OSU Vanguard Magazine 2015
    OSU researchers are developing a radiation-shielding material that could be used in the construction of habitats on the moon or Mars.
  • Advertising as Public Diplomacy
    OSU Vanguard Magazine 2014
    Dr. Jami Fullerton examines how advertising and other globalized media affect international relations through the concept of nation branding.
  • OSU Launches School of Materials Science and Engineering
    OSU Vanguard Magazine 2013

    Williams Companies Distinguished Chair in Energy Technology Raj Singh will lead the new school, which will provide educational training opportunities for master’s and doctoral degrees in materials science and engineering. Materials science focuses on the structure, properties and performance of such materials as metals, ceramics, semiconductors, polymers, composites and biomaterials.
  • From the Landfill to the Future
    OSU Vanguard Magazine 2012

    Dr. Raman P. Singh is leading a research team of two graduate students to develop methods to recycle discarded carpet into a composite that can be molded and used to replace less durable or more expensive construction and manufacturing materials.
  • Endless Possibilities
    OSU Vanguard Magazine 2011

    Dr. Reza Abdolvand and his colleague, Dr. Daryoosh Vashaee, are working with a team of four graduate students to design, fabricate and test nano-engineered infrared sensors that can be used for multiple applications and devices, such as night vision goggles, medical diagnostics and thermal imagers for search and rescue missions.
  • Green Power
    OSU Vanguard Magazine 2010

    With funding from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the National Science Foundation, OSU-Tulsa researcher Dr. Daryoosh Vashaee  is developing nanotechnology that can convert waste heat to energy. His process to produce a clean, alternative energy source could significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels and help move the United States toward energy independence.
  • The Power of a Peacemaker
    OSU Vanguard Magazine 2009
    Dr. Amanda Morris, associate professor of human development and family science at OSU-Tulsa, is giving youth the knowledge and skills they need to resolve conflicts in a nonviolent manner. Working with about 60 families from two Boys and Girls Clubs of Tulsa, Morris and her team are evaluating several factors before and after participation in a conflict resolution intervention program.
  • Creating an Atmosphere for Learning
    OSU Vanguard Magazine 2009
    Project CREATES, a program developed to infuse academics with art instruction at urban elementary schools in Tulsa, is having an impact on students and teachers. Research led by Dr. Diane Montgomery shows the program improved students’ skills in a variety of areas and inspired educators with a new way of teaching.
  • OSU-Tulsa Dedicates the Helmerich Research Center
    OSU Vanguard Magazine 2008
    OSU officials and Tulsa community leaders gathered to dedicate OSU-Tulsa’s Helmerich Research Center on November 29, 2007, a $43 million research facility that is expected to boost Tulsa’s economy by creating jobs and attracting industries to the area.
  • All Eyes on Mars
    OSU Vanguard Magazine 2007
    New technology developed by Jay Hanan, OSU-Tulsa, and a team of scientists from the Jet Propulsion Labo­ratory, would make self-directed driving for rovers possible on the surface of Mars.
  • Scientists Developing New Dental Materials
    OSU Vanguard Magazine 2007
    Jim Smay, OSU-Stillwater, and Jay Hanan, OSU-Tulsa, are working with the New York University Department of Dentistry to develop a new approach for fabricating dental crowns.
  • The Smallest Line of Defense
    OSU Vanguard Magazine 2006
    An OSU-Tulsa researcher will study the survivability, security and reliability of military sensors over a three-year period.
  • Getting in the Zone
    OSU Vanguard Magazine 2006
    An OSU-Tulsa student will analyze and study data collected on Tulsa’s ozone to determine the effects on air quality.
  • Advanced Technology Research Center Almost a Reality
    OSU Vanguard Magazine 2005
    The OSU-Tulsa research facility will focus on next generation composites and advanced materials used by many Oklahoma industries.