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Student Code of Conduct - Other University Policies

Student Code of Conduct

XII. Other University Policies

A. Student Mailing Address

All students are responsible for keeping the University informed of their current local mailing address. If a residence has not been established at the time of enrollment or if the student changes addresses during the semester, a change of address form must be completed in the Registrar's Office or students themselves can change their address on the web.

B. Official Announcements

Official announcements are published in the Official Bulletins section of the Daily O'Collegian and on the OSU-Tulsa homepage. Students are held responsible for regularly checking these sources.

C. Definition of Fund Raising and Sales Solicitation

For the purpose of this document, the terms “fund raising” and “solicitation of funds” will mean the solicitation of donations, the charging of admission or the selling of products and services.

D. Solicitation on Campus:

Generally, solicitation can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Student Organizations: Solicitation by recognized student organizations will follow these steps:
    1. Secure permission from the Office of Campus Life.
    2. Secure permission from the head of the department affected by the sale, if appropriate.
    3. Sales solicitation to more than one campus group or residence must have the approval of all student groups and department heads which are affected by the sale.The scheduling of space and/or charges for space rental will be determined by the Events Coordinator and the Coordinator of Campus Life. No sales or solicitation may be conducted if such is in competition with products or services offered at OSU-Tulsa or in conflict with the covenants of the University bond requirements.
  2. Private Enterprise: The North Hall Lobby and Main Hall Commons are available for a fee for private enterprise to solicit business. In some cases, private enterprises will be allowed to engage in commercial activity outside of the North Hall Lobby and Main Hall Commons. These circumstances are subject to a fee and must be approved by the Coordinator of Campus Life and the Events Coordinator. Special permission or concession contracts may be granted for sales and solicitation from tables or space  allocated for such in approved non-academic public spaces. A rental fee may be assessed by the University agency assigned responsibility for approving the solicitation space. Newspapers sold through wire racks will not be charged a rental-solicitation fee.
E. Charitable Fund Drives on Campus

Solicitation of funds for charitable purposes involving the personnel of one college, one department or one residence group, must be cleared in advance by the college dean, the department head or the program coordinator. Solicitation involving broader segments of the student body must be cleared with the Coordinator of Campus Life.

F. Distribution of Literature

Distribution of handbills, pamphlets, etc., is a privilege granted primarily to students of recognized and registered organizations. All such literature must bear the name of the organization or responsible individual on the front page of the material distributed. Such material may be distributed only in those areas designated as distribution areas by the Office of Campus Life. A copy of the literature to be distributed must be filed with the Office of Campus Life.

  1. The privilege of distribution is available to all free student publications.
  2. The Coordinator of Campus life shall determine, after consultation with the administrative occupants, the places of distribution.
  3. The establishment of self-service stands for the sale of student publications shall be permitted in the North Hall Lobby or Main Hall Commons without charge to the sponsoring department, agency or group subject to scheduling procedures.
  4. Free distribution and sale by students of student publications shall be permitted on the campus outside the confines of campus buildings subject only to such limitations as deemed necessary by the Office of Campus Life to prevent interference with the use of streets, sidewalks and building entrances and as are consistent with established guidelines.
G. Extracurricular Use of University Facilities, Areas or Media for the Purpose of Expression:

A goal of the faculty, students, administration, staff and Board of Regents is for Oklahoma State University to be a superior educational center for the preservation, transmission, and discovery of knowledge. The mission of the University recognizes and protects free inquiry and free expression as indispensable components of the critical examination of philosophies and ideas. Accordingly, the Board of Regents has adopted a policy statement governing the extracurricular use of any University-controlled facility, area or medium for the purpose of expression.

H. Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

It is the policy of Oklahoma State University that unlawful gender discrimination in any form, including sexual harassment of faculty and staff, or other forms of gender discrimination as referenced by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. §2000e (Title VII), and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C. §1681 (Title IX), is prohibited in the workplace and in the recruitment, appointment and advancement of employees. Gender discrimination of students, including sexual harassment, as referenced by Title IX, is prohibited in and out of the classroom and in the evaluation of students' academic or work performance. This policy is in keeping with the spirit and intent of various federal guidelines which address the issue of fair employment practices, ethical standards and enforcement procedures. The University encourages victims to report instances of gender discrimination prohibited by Title IX or Title VII, including but not limited to, sexual assault or other sex offenses, either forcible or non-forcible in nature. In addition to internal grievance procedures, victims of criminal gender discrimination (e.g., sexual assault or harassment) are encouraged to file complaints or reports with campus police or local law enforcement agencies as soon as possible after the offense occurs in order to preserve evidence necessary to the proof of criminal offenses. The OSU-Tulsa Police Department is available to assist victims in filing reports with other law enforcement agencies. All students, members of the faculty, and non-faculty staff personnel are required to comply with the policy and procedures outlined to address complaints about gender discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault. In addition to the procedures outlined in this policy statement, discrimination and harassment complaints may be filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (involving employment) or U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (involving education programs or activities). Any complaint of gender discrimination or sexual harassment filed under the University's policy shall be processed even if the complainant also files a complaint or suit with an outside agency, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights. Retaliation against anyone who makes a complaint or participates in the complaint process will not be tolerated.

The University will (1) respond to every complaint of gender discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual assault reported, (2) take action to provide remedies when gender discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual assault are discovered, (3) impose appropriate sanctions on offenders in a case-by-case manner, and (4) protect the privacy of all those involved to the extent it is possible. The above actions will apply to the extent permitted by law or where personal safety is not an issue. Any individual who believes he/she may have experienced gender discrimination, including sexual harassment, or who believes that he/she has observed such actions taking place, may receive information and assistance regarding the University's policies and responsive processes from any of the following offices:

  1. Affirmative Action/Title IX Coordinator
    Main Hall 1401
  2. Student Conduct Officer
    North Hall 103
  3. Chief Academic Affairs Officer
    Administration Hall

The two University officials most directly involved in reviewing allegations of unlawful gender discrimination are:

  • Mrs. Sandra Cooper, Director of Human Resources
    Title IX Coordinator for OSU-Tulsa
    1405 Main Hall
    Tulsa, OK 74106
  • Mrs. Emonica Reagan-Neeley, Director of Student Success Center
    Student Conduct Officer
    North Hall 103
    Tulsa, OK 74106

Copies of the University’s policy and procedures letters regarding gender discrimination, including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, may be found at Oklahoma State University Policy and Procedures Letter No. 1-0702, accessible via the OSU Stillwater website.

I. Other Student Discrimination Grievances

In addition to the prohibition of discrimination on the basis of gender (Section I, above) it is the policy of Oklahoma State University to provide equal opportunity to all students enrolled at the University without discrimination because of race, age, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, or qualified disability. Oklahoma State University students shall have available to them certain procedures for resolving complaints and grievances regarding alleged illegal discrimination as well as alleged arbitrary and/or unreasonable acts of discrimination, which may arise in areas related to admission or treatment while enrolled at the institution and non-academic complaints related to employees, campus living and student life not otherwise covered by applicable University policy. All students enrolled at the University who have a non-gender discrimination complaint related to an area as previously described that cannot be resolved informally between the parties involved, may request a hearing before a grievance committee which shall hear the alleged grievance and make recommendations to the appropriate vice president to resolve the complaint. Formal student discrimination complaints will be filed with and administered by the Student Conduct Office and will be resolved following due process procedures as described in Section IV (Disciplinary Responsibility) of Student Rights and Responsibilities Governing Student Behavior. Detailed informal and formal complaint procedures are available from the Student Conduct Office and the Affirmative Action Office/Title IX Coordinator. These grievance procedures neither supersede nor take precedence over established University procedures of due process for any and all matters related to Academic Appeals, Traffic Appeals, and Disciplinary Appeals. Approved by the Board of Regents, June 1998.

J. Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Buckley Amendment)

Oklahoma State University provides students with all protection provided under the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended sometimes referred to as the “Buckley Amendments.” As part of these policy statements, students have the right to file with the Registrar's Office during the first two weeks of the fall semester, written requests not to release directory information pertaining to them. Directory information will be released by the Registrar until a specific request by a student is received asking that the information not be released. A complete statement of student rights under these laws and the University's declaration of what constitutes  directory information” can be accessed online under Policy and Procedures Letter No. 2-0701 and in Section XIV of this document.

K. Equal Opportunity Policy

Oklahoma State University, in compliance with Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Executive Order 11246 as amended, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1974 (Higher Education Act), the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and other federal laws and regulations, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, or status as a veteran in any of its policies, practices or procedures. This includes but is not limited to admissions, employment, financial aid and student services.

L. Health and Immunization Responsibilities
  1. Students are responsible for compliance with the immunization policies set forth by the State of Oklahoma and the University.
    1. All new students, regardless of entering classification or hours enrolled, are required to submit to OSU the Immunization and Health History form and supporting copies of immunizations. The form and details can be downloaded in PDF format.
    2. Students have the right to more information regarding immunizations. Supporting information can be found at the above website.
  2. Students have the right to exercise a religious, moral or personal objection to the immunization policies of OSU and the State of Oklahoma. Objections must be submitted in writing using the Certificate of Exemption
    form found at the previous website.
  3. In some circumstances, students may be directed by OSU physicians, their private physician or the Oklahoma State Department of Health to restrict their contact with other students or to not attend class. In those cases, University staff can work to coordinate absences with instructors, with the written permission of the student.
  4. Students who choose to be treated at University Health Services are entitled to specific rights and responsibilities. These are defined on the OSU University Health Services website.
M. Drug Free School and Workplace Programs

Oklahoma State University complies with the provisions of the federal Drug Free Workplace Act of 1989 and the Drug Free School and Communities Act Amendments of 1990. University policies adopted to implement these federal requirements provide for the possibility of serious disciplinary action in the event of alcohol abuse or illicit drug use on campus or in connection with University functions, or for mandatory referral to approved rehabilitation, assistance programs. Copies of the University's policy statements concerning the Drug Free Workplace Act and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments are available online.

N. Financial Aid Policies and Procedures

Oklahoma State University complies with all federal laws and administrative regulations concerning the availability and disbursal of financial aid. A synopsis of the University policies and procedures affecting financial aid is available online.

O. Student Complaints Regarding Faculty or Non-Faculty Staff

Students who believe that they have been unfairly treated by members of the faculty or non-faculty staff of the University have the right to seek redress through several different procedural channels. Complaints about faculty conduct not related to grades are required to be processed as set forth in the “Policy Statement To Govern Appointments, Tenure, Promotions, And Related Matters Of The Faculty Of Oklahoma State University.” Academic grade appeals are required to be processed through the academic appeal process supervised by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Complaints about conduct by non-faculty staff employees are required to be processed as set forth in the University Policy and Procedures Letters governing Classified and Administrative/Professional staff. Copies of these policies may be found in the University library, with the Vice President of Administration and Finance, or the Human Resources Office. In appropriate circumstances, students may be assisted by the University Office of Affirmative Action regarding understanding their rights to seek internal review of complaints.

P. Hazing Policy

No student organization or any person associated with any organization sanctioned or authorized by the overning board of any public or private school or institution of higher education in this state shall engage or participate in hazing. Complete information can be accessed online.

Q. Admission Clearances for Potential Students Convicted of a Felony or Suspended from an Institution

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Graduate College forward applications for admission to Student Conduct Education and Administration when potential students have been convicted of a felony or suspended from an institution. These potential students require a clearance for further admission consideration and must provide additional information as requested to Student Conduct Education and Administration. Students may be granted provisional clearances with admission conditions for further admission consideration. The final decision regarding admission rests with Undergraduate Admissions and the Graduate College using normal academic criteria. Oklahoma State University typically upholds current suspensions from other institutions.

R. Readmission Requirements for Students Suspended for Disciplinary Reasons

Students who have been suspended from Oklahoma State University for disciplinary reasons will be required to receive a clearance from Student Conduct Education and Administration before they will be readmitted. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Graduate College will forward such applications to Student Conduct Education and Administration for review and additional information may be requested. Students may be provisionally cleared for readmission consideration with or without special conditions.

S. Registrar Policies and Procedures

The Office of the Registrar provides services related to the creation and maintenance of student academic records. Information on policies and procedures may be accessed on the Office of the Registrar website or in Enrollment Services.

T. Undergraduate Admissions Policies and Procedures

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions oversees admission to Oklahoma State University. Information on policies and procedures may be accessed on the OSU undergraduate admissions website or in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

U. Graduate College Admissions Policies and Procedures

The Graduate College oversees graduate admission to Oklahoma State University. Information on policies and procedures may be accessed online at http://grad.okstate.edu/ or at the Graduate College.

V. Bursar Policies and Procedures

The Office of the Bursar bills and collects tuition, fees, campus housing, and other University related charges. Information on policies and procedures may be accessed on the OSU Bursar website or in the Office of the Bursar.

W. Information Technology Policies and Procedures

The Information Technology Department provides innovative, reliable, and integrated technology solutions, quality services, and information resources. Information on IT policies and procedures may be accessed on the OSU Information Technology website.

X. Sexual Misconduct Policy

Oklahoma State University is committed to providing a productive living and learning community in which students can pursue their educational goals. Sexual misconduct undermines this commitment and affects the ability of students to focus on their educational goals. Therefore, Oklahoma State University will not tolerate nor condone any form of sexual misconduct.

View OSU-Tulsa Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures.


Y. Student Mail and E-Mail

Students are responsible for maintaining a current local mailing address and a current e-mail address with the Office of the Registrar. Because many official OSU communications are sent to students at their local mailing address and their OSU e-mail address, students are responsible for regularly checking their U.S. mail and OSU e-mail. OSU departments reserve the right to send correspondence through either means (examples of official correspondence include billing notifications from the Bursar’s Office, communications from professors and academic advisors, communications regarding enrollment, and communications regarding student conduct. OSU e-mail can be forwarded to another e-mail account if students choose. See IT Services for details.

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