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Resources for instructors

In-Class Visits and Tours

Instructors are encouraged to contact Tutoring Services to schedule an in-class presentation or tour. Staff will introduce Tutoring Services to the students in a short 10-15 minute in-class visit or tour of the facilities. During the tours and class visits, details are provided about services offered, hours and basic tutoring philosophies. A Tutoring Services tour or in-class visit is a good way to encourage students to seek outside assistance and support from the start of the semester. Tutoring Services will even pass out pencils and brochures to remind students to use the facilities. Please contact Tutoring Services to schedule a visit or tour.

Instructors can contact Tutoring Services to request a supply of pencils or brochures for their students.

Including Tutoring Services in a Syllabus

Some instructors choose to include information about writing or math tutoring in their syllabus or introductory materials.

The following paragraph describes Tutoring Services and can be pasted in your syllabus:

OSU-Tulsa Tutoring Services is a free writing and math tutoring service available to all students on the OSU-Tulsa campus. Tutoring Services offers 50-minute, one-on-one tutorials that can assist students with writing assignments at any phase of the writing process, including brainstorming, organization, developing support, and documenting sources. Tutoring Services also offers 50-minute math tutorials for topics such as statistics, economics, linear algebra and calculus. Contact Tutoring Services to schedule an appointment. Please note that since Tutoring Services is an instructional-based resource, tutors are not permitted to proofread or copy-edit papers or provide answers to math problems. However, they can help students develop editing and proofreading skills and teach students how to work through their own math problems to arrive at correct solutions.

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