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Cowboy Guardian

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having trouble downloading or installing the Rave Guardian app.

If you're having trouble downloading or installing the Rave Guardian app, contact the Tulsa Help Desk at 918-594-8200.

Is it Cowboy Guardian or Rave Guardian?

The safety app you download is called Rave Guardian. The Cowboy Guardian service is activated when you register the Rave Guardian app with your okstate.edu email address. This connects the app to OSU-Tulsa Police and enables them to be your Guardian whenever you start a Safety Timer session. You'll know the Cowboy Guardian service is enabled because your app will change color to orange and read "Cowboy Guardian." The app's icon on your phone will remain a blue shield.

What if I forget to disable my timer before it expires? I don't want to bother the police.

Cowboy Guardian sends you several text and pop-up reminders before your timer expires to help you remember to disable it when you reach your destination. However, if the timer does expire, don't worry. OSU-Tulsa Police are here to help you and a dispatcher is glad to check in on you.

Can OSU-Tulsa Police track all of my movements using the GPS feature in Cowboy Guardian?

No. Cowboy Guardian only shares your GPS location with OSU-Tulsa Police when a timer you set expires or when you use the one-touch emergency call button to contact OSU-Tulsa Police.

What happens if my timer expires when I am off campus?

If your Cowboy Guardian timer expires when you are off campus, OSU-Tulsa Police will attempt to contact you. If OSU-Tulsa Police are unable to contact you, they will contact emergency services near you to assist.

How do I add information to my profile?

Cowboy Guardian users Smart911 technology to maintain your profile information. After activating Cowboy Guardian with your okstate.edu email address you can log into your profile at the Smart911 website using the same email address and update your profile.

You can also update your profile in the Guardian app by tapping the square in the upper left corner of the app, then tapping your name. After you enter your PIN, tap "Account Information" to fill out your profile.

Is Cowboy Guardian available for Windows or BlackBerry phones?

At this time, Cowboy Guardian is only available for iPhone and Android devices. Users with other phone models should add OSU-Tulsa Police, 918-594-8123, to their contacts.