Photo of El Rancho Grande Mexican Food Restaurant Neon Sign - Located at 1629 E 11th St, Tulsa, OK
Photo of Art Deco Warehouse Market Door - Built in 1929, Located at 925 South Elgin Avenue, Tulsa, OK
Photo of Oasis Motel Sign - Located at 9303 E 11th St, Tulsa, OK
Photo of Tally's Cafe - Located at 1102 S 49th E Ave, Tulsa, OK
Photo of Benchmark Monument Company - Located at 1735 East 11th Street, Tulsa, OK
Photo of Desert Hills Motel Sign - Located at 5220 E 11th St, Tulsa, OK


Oklahoma State University -Tulsa Library
Route 66 Collections

The Oklahoma State University in Tulsa, OK, houses Michael Wallis's Route 66 research collection. The collection includes books he used and research he conducted in the process of writing his many books. These books include Route 66: The Mother Road; Songdog Diary: 66 Stories from the Road; Route 66 Postcards: Greetings from the Mother Road with Suzanne Wallis; and Hogs on 66: Best Feed and Hangouts for Road Trips on Route 66 with Marian Clark. The collection covers his research from the past 20 years. Finding aids are available for the archival collection and book research. The printed material on Route 66 includes menus, maps, photos, and handwritten notes; and is supplemented by audio materials and oral histories.

Other Route 66 collections in Tulsa are housed at the Tulsa City County Library and the Tulsa Historical Society.

The Library also houses the collection of Cyrus Stevens Avery - the Father of Route 66 - including materials such as maps and speeches. The Library is currently actively collecting Route 66 books.

Please contact Sheena Perez for further information concerning these collections. or 918 594-8134. OSU-Tulsa Library 700 N. Greenwood Ave. Tulsa, OK 74106
Photos by Jen Lillie
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Photo of Tulsa International Airport Mural Detail, Tulsa, OK
Photo of Route 66 Interpretive Plaza Directional Sign, Tulsa, OK
Photo of Route 66 Interpretive Plaza Facing North, Tulsa, OK
Photo of Cyrus S. Avery - Tulsa International Airport, Tulsa, OK
Photo of Route 66 Sign 1926-1932, Tulsa, OK